Kale Chips - A St. Paddy's Day Treat!

Honestly, I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day and when I look at recipes for the occasion nothing really appeals to  me. Cabbage? Meh. Corned Beef? I don't eat meat. So I wondered what do vegetarians that DO celebrate St. Paddy's Day do? 

Well, I've been hearing about the wonders of Kale chips and thought - green, crispy, salty, could be a nice compliment to beer/ale if you are into that sort of thing, St Paddy's Day treat! So, I tried my hand a Kale Chips and I have to say I was impressed with the outcome! 

I started with a small bunch of kale that I purchased for $1.00 at Walmart. I cut the rib out and then cut the kale into chip sized pieces. I then added about a tablespoon of olive oil and rice wine vinegar and mixed well.

 and then placed on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. 

I turned the oven up to 400 degrees and baked them for 7 minutes. I took them out immediately, sprinkled lightly with Sea Salt and had a crunchy treat for St. Paddy's Day. A great substitute for regular chips and they taste delicious! Let me know if you try to make kale chips, these chips are good on any day, not just St. Paddy's Day! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and was compensated for my participation in this promotion and for my time. 


linda said…
i would love these! they look so yummy!
I looooove kale chips!I put a ms. dash spicy mix on them first before they hit the oven. Yum-o!
Gem said…
I've seen these a lot in the stores and was wondering if they were any good or not...maybe next time I'll pick up a bag!
CharmedValerie said…
I LOOOOVE kale chips. Especially with a pinch of garlic and red pepper.
Nika said…
Nice Recipe!Thats very Healthy.
Al_Pal said…
Bookmarked & shared! ;D

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