Funny: Balls I mean Testicles

Scenario: My son is lounging in the family room. I'm on the couch and he sits in his chair. NAKED. Cause that is how he rolls. 

Mekhi approaches me on the couch pointing to himself.

Mekhi: Mommy, what is this? (pointing to his lower regions)
Me: Balls. ahem. I mean testicles. 
Mekhi: Testicles?
Me: Yes, testicles.
Mekhi: What are testicles for? 
Me: Blank Stare

after a beat

Me: Ask your father! 

He leaves the room and returns in his underwear. 


Kathleen said…
LMAO too! Aren't we lucky to be the moms of boys? :)
Momstart said…
That's funny Renee! I've been having to explain the difference to Miles and Zoe about boys and girls, we're potty training and they finally realized that there is a difference.
Lisa C Writes said…
LOL....and this is just the beginning :-)
Petula said…
ROFL... snort, chuckle -- shaking head. Yup, Lisa is right, there is more to come. My only son is 7 and we've already had quite a few adventures (?) happenings (?) discussions (?) ... ah! circumstances surrounding his nether regions. With three girls and one boy it can become quite a conversation piece. LOL

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