Disney Princess Half-Marathon 2011 Race Recap

I had to start this post with the photo of my finish because I just love it! Although this was not my personal best time (I finished the race in 2:39) minutes I was ecstatic. I actually did not have a goal because honestly, I did not train for this race. Before the Disney Princess Half-Marathon on February 27th, I'd run a total of 23 miles this year. I don't suggest that you follow in my footsteps but I realize I am NOT a cold weather runner. So, it is highly unlikely that you will hear about me running any winter races! 

The Disney Princess was special because in February of last year I saw my friends run the race and my initial thought was I'll never do that and then I said, well, why not? I made a vow with my friends to run together and life happened, Christine is expecting her baby any day now and Emily is growing an empire!  Although I ran my first half-marathon in October. Running Disney was special. So, let me give you the run down on the race. 

We had to board a bus to Epcot at 4 am. This was easy, no lines and quite low-key. I'd had a very good night's rest. I'd set all of my clothing out on the bed and was ready in record time. I met up with my group in the lobby and we were off. As a guest of Disney we were able to relax and drop our things off in the media/VIP tent. 

Check out my sparkle skirt. Go Team SPARKLE! 

The walk to the start was pretty long. But with the blessing of the fairy Godmother, our start was accented by fireworks and we were off. 

I spent the first few miles of the race running with my new friend Monique. She gave me so much encouragement around mile 3.5 when I wanted to walk she made me push it to the water station at mile 4. Thanks Mo! 

We stayed together for another mile or so and my adrenaline kicked in and I ran the race solo for the rest of the way. It was great seeing her at Mile 12 or so when I was running on top of the overpass and she ran beneath! 

I stopped to take photos at various mile markers and with some of the characters and of course at the castle. Running Magic Kingdom was awesome! There were so many people cheering us on and we ran in the castle!

I stopped to take a photo with Princess Tiana and of course at mile marker 12 which was dedicated to her story.

I have to admit that the last miles of the race were extraordinarily challenging. I have no idea why but the only two hills in the entire race were at the end. Ugh. And the last mile was particularly boring, very few spectators and the ones that were there kept saying almost finished. But it seemed like the never ending mile! But when I finally saw the finish line I picked up my pace and the joy you see on my face is a result of me being done but also they called my name as I crossed the finish line! AWESOME! 

This was such a fun race and I've been inspired to keep running. On April 2nd, I'll be running the NYC 13.1 half marathon and I am committed to running another Disney race too. In September I'll run the Disneyland half-marathon, I'm going for my Coast 2 Coast medal! Wanna join me? Running Disney is an experience that you will never forget! 

Disclosure: My travel, accommodations and meals were provided by Disney but as usual, the opinions expressed are 100% my own!


Laurie said…
Love all the pics - seems like such a fun event! I am definitely thinking that this half-mary needs to go on my bucket list! Florida is a long way to go for a race for me, but to be a princess runner, I think I can manage it!
Meghan said…
Girly, you totally rock! I could never run a marathon...I hate to run. LOL
You are inspirational tho!

Love that you wore a tiara thru the race.
Bari said…
I so very much want to run the Disney princess 1/2 next year! Thanks for the great race recap.
BecBennett said…
Wow, great work! I did the 5k, but couldn't even consider doing the half marathon!

Just a slightly off topic question. Did you have to pay $35 for all those photos? I'd love to get some of the ones of me and my family doing the 5k, but can't justify the price. Am I trying to buy them the wrong way?
Andi said…
Renee! It was so great meeting you at the "carb load" before the Princess 1/2...you are such an encouraging and inspiring mom! I am sure that we'll meet up again, and hopefully at next year's Princess. I love your blog!!!!

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