Valentine's Day 2011 - Love Yourself!

I have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. If you love someone let them know daily not just on a manufactured holiday! Anyhow, this year I’ve been invited to a date-less party and I look forward to going....check out my video and you’ll find out why.

This year I am encouraging you to LOVE YOURSELF! Celebrate you this Valentine’s Day. I did it by simply buying a new outfit at Walmart. I didn’t go crazy, I spent less than $40 but I look and feel good! By stepping out of my comfort zone and loving myself (imperfections and all) I’ve surprised myself and am wearing a dress that I wouldn’t be caught dead in not so long ago (like yesterday).

Although I may sound like a broken record, I’m going to say it again - this Valentine’s Day LOVE YOURSELF! Treat yourself to something special, an outfit, a spa trip, a solo trip to a bookstore or coffeeshop. Make time for you!

Disclosure: I'm a Walmart Mom and was provided with a gift card to make myself feel beautiful this Valentine's Day.  I've also been compensated for my time to write this post, shop and shoot this video. But as usual, all opinions are my own.


Dr. Rhonda said…
Girl that dress looks HOT on you! Wear it with pride, you've done the hard work and the results show! Happy Valentines Day Lady!
*Tanyetta* said…
You look HOT! Work it! Work it! :-)
Jessica Heights said…
You look beautiful!!! :)
Anonymous said…
You look AMAZING!!!
Margaret said…
You are WORKING that dress! Keep it up! Thanks for the positive message!
OMG!!! You look amazing! I want a booty like THAT! I totally agree with you... love yourself! I'm single this Valentine's Day, but I didn't let that stop me from loving and feeling loved today. I have an amazing son who reminds me EVERYDAY how blessed I am to have him in my life and to be called his Mother. I bought myself a new bag that I've been eyeing from the Gap so hey... Happy Valentine's Day Lovely!
Wifey said…
Looking FAB girl!

Good for you.

Winks & Smiles,

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