White Elephant Exchange

I’m a social person. So when my friends ask me to participate in things, I usually do. Well, my friend Margaret from Nanny Goats in Panties (if you don’t read her you must, she is HYSTERICAL) had the brilliant idea to have a friends do a white elephant gift exchange. Not familiar with white elephant gifts? Well, white elephants are those gifts that you kinda wish you never received.

I thought it’d be fun to participate and was sent a gift by Karen. Karen had the brilliant idea to send me a screaming monkey. What is a screaming monkey? Glad you asked! It is kinda like a slingshot but when you shoot it the darn thing screams! A high pitched scream that is darn near eardrum shattering!

The funny thing is my monkey didn’t scream when I used it as a slingshot - and Karen warned me that it was loud! But I flung it hither and tither and no sound. If you don’t know, I am the mother of a 3.5 year old. He saw the monkey and immediately had a new plaything. Although he didn’t get the idea that it was a slingshot, he took the monkey and threw it on the ground. It immediately made wild monkey sounds! Monkey screeching!

My mother and I looked at him in awe because we’d tried to get the thing to work several times to no avail. And once my son had it down, of course he laughed hysterically and wanted to throw the monkey all around. To our chagrin!

I know this was a gifting exchange and I had plans to film a video of my son playing with the monkey. But wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles the monkey has disappeared! We haven’t seen it since the first couple of days my son played with it. I would love to say that I’m disappointed but seriously? The monkey screeching was nerve wracking and I’m very happy that I no longer have to hear that sound.

I’m sure that my son will locate the monkey at the most inopportune time but for now I’m reveling in the peace and quiet that I have now that the monkey is nowhere to be found. And I promise, I did not hid it, I truly do not know where my son put the thing!

You can check out the rest of the white elephant exchange by visiting Nanny Goats In Panties, I’m sure you will get lots of laughs!


That's hysterical! It figures the toy is adult-=proof but as soon as your son plays with it for 12 seconds it starts breaking windows with the screeching. Relatively speaking, or appropriately speaking, you got a GREAT white elephant gift! I'm almost (ALMOST!) envious.
Jen said…
OMG we have one of those monkeys. His name is Steve. I don't know if he came with that name, as in Steve the Screaming Monkey, or if my daughter named him Steve but you are right, it is the most god awful sound and it happens at the worst time. Our Steve has also gone missing but I can tell you for sure that he will not be making a reappearance.
Kate said…
Disappeared...I ain't buyin' it! You hid it from your precious 3.5 year old and he's cryin' his eyes out. Now you're trying to distract him with some lame old teddy bear, aren't you?
The screaming monkey is cool.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Phew! Thank gawd I didn't get a screaming monkey. That would have put me over the edge. It's a hysterical gift but I'm hoping it stays lost long enough for the battery to die :-)
Cheers, jj
Puanani503 said…
lol..sounds like a fun white elephant gift!!

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