Unless you live under a rock you are well aware of the havoc that the snow has caused on the Eastern seaboard. Here in Atlanta we were blanketed by 6 inches or so of the white stuff and although that may not seem like a lot we just are not equipped for the stuff.

The news was covering the impending storm (forecasted for Sunday night) on Friday and I quipped that they were blowing things out of proportion on facebook. I took an obligatory trip to the grocery store for essentials- bread, milk and a few other items before bunkering in for the night. The snow began at about 6:00pm and I went to sleep peacefully for the night.

On Friday I awoke to a winter wonderland. One that I had no intention of playing in because I was still I the throes of a cold/bronchitis. Since my mom is visiting I was able to rest most of the day in preparation for my trip to Washington, DC on Tuesday.

Well, the trip to DC? Never happened! All of the flights on my airline were cancelled which impacted today's flights. My flight was cancelled and I couldn't get on another, never mind the fact that the storm is moving Nrth and expected to hit D.C. tonight.

So, saddened I rested some more today and after my nap I hor up ready to tackle my driveway. The snow had melted and turned to sleet so I knew if I didn't shovel tonight I'd never get up my driveway. The temperature is dropping tonight and by tomorrow I'd probably be able to ice-skate on my driveway if I didn't take action.

So I donned my wellies and shoveled the slush. I burned some serious calories out there today! One of my neighbors gave me a little bit of sand but I decided to venture out for a few co fort foods and kitty litter for the driveway.

The grocery store was jam packed, the bread aisle was bare but I managed to pick up what I needed. I'm finally back home, relaxed and thankful. Thankful for food to eat, heat, my home and the strength to shovel my driveway. As inconvenienced as I may be I am grateful for these things and don't take them for granted.

Snowmaggedon 2011 a time to reflect and be thankful!

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Barbara said…
Haha. Sounds like the eve of 2000. I can only imagine, since we don't get snow here - just pretty frost and frozen car windows. I'm secretly waitimg for something extraordinary to happen.
MizFit said…
Im torn...I dont miss the snow from home but it is so cold here (for here.40) Ill take the snow :)

Stay warm.
See you at Blissdom??
Meghan said…
Snowmaggedon hit Jersey overnight.
Such a pain & for the 1st time ever the school district I live in closed thus no daycare.
I am home from work & it snowed like 5".

At least it's pretty :>)
I do not miss snow at all.
It's summertime right now where we live at, can you believe that?

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