The Power of One - Weekly weigh in

Well, I’ve been pretty ambivalent about this challenge and weighing in. Well, I’ve been weighing in but not posting on my blog. Last week I did admit to weighing 161 pounds and this week I am a grand 160.2 pounds. I lost almost a full pound but I certainly cannot attribute it to any work on my part. This week I’ve been eating junk food a plenty. Not to make excuses but the past couple of months have been very difficult for me.

My fall back stress reliever has always been emotional eating and with snowmaggedon I just gave myself license to go crazy. Junk food abounds here but luckily my stockpiles are almost depleted. So, admittedly, I am not at the place where I am changing my eating habits. However, I can do something about moving my body. Especially since I AM RUNNING a HALF-MARATHON next month!

So, since I did shovel the driveway yesterday (great exercise) I decided today to brave the treacherous roads and get some new fitness products from Walmart.  I picked up Zumba for the Wii and The Firm’s Wave system. I’ll give a full review of Zumba tomorrow but I’ll tell you in 40 minutes I burned 435 calories and that is not too shabby!

I also must say that I feel so much better now that I’ve exercised. I have more energy and I am almost compelled not to eat any junk! Like anything else, I am taking my journey one day at a time. I have the power to overcome my emotional stresses, continue taking my medication and truly take care of me. At the end of the day I remember that life is a marathon and not a sprint and my level of health and fitness will vacillate. The key is to keep myself from spiraling down so deep that I gain too much weight!

How is your journey going?


Wifey said…
Great attitude about everything. It's a constant journey. The snow had me craving some good old comfort food, too.

I'm ready to get to running again. Melt ice, melt!

Winks & Smiles,
Trish said…
Oh the snow....grrrr! But you did well through it all!

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