A Weighty Issue

A Weighty Issue

Well, I hopped on the scale today and to my surprise it read 156.4 pounds. I *think* I weighed 162 last week. I know it was over 160 but can’t remember the actual number. This week the only changes I’ve made have been to cut out fast food. I know. What is the queen of “Clean” eating doing eating fast food? Well, I have no excuse. I think that there is a combination of things going on - the cold weather, early darkness and lack of consistency with my medication all contribute to my lackadasical approach to my exercise and eating. I know for many people the onslaught of winter brings on depression and if I’m not careful I can fall into a serious funk.

I am pretty sure that I have an handle on things now. I am being consistent with my meds and I’m not binge eating anymore. Most importantly I have an awareness about my situation and have decided to make a change. By doing this I am no longer going to engage in self-destructive behaviors (binge eating) but turn to healthy choices, even when I have the urge for some emotional eating.

I have still not gotten on a consistent exercise plan SO as soon as I finish typing this I am running to my family room, taking advantage of my son’s nap and starting my EA SPORTS Active 2 challenge. I’m ready to be focused, stay healthy and maintain my weight loss.

I’ve only been honest in this space and I continually admit that living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. There are going to be good days and bad but I am determined to have my good days outweigh the bad ones.


Mommy Mo said…
I so get this post because um, hello- I am struggling right now, too. For me, though, it's just finding enough hours in the day to do all that I need to do while I juggle the kid's needs, too. December is always a hard month for me. I'm just now getting back into running- wanna be my *running* partner?!
erin said…
WOW!!! what a loss :) so happy for you!
AnnG said…
Sounds like you had a great week!! Sometimes just changing one or two things can be a BIG help in our health!! Good job!

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