It's Christmas!

So, unbelievably there are only eleven more days left in 2010. And Christmas is only 5 days away! I'm here prepping for my visit North. There is packing to be done, the house to be cleaned and I have certainly been reflecting on this year. My journey to healthy living remains a journey, I guess I've been on a hiatus of sorts for the past few weeks but with the Disney Princess Half-Marathon fast approaching I will be back in training shortly. 

I will be making a huge spread for Christmas this year - actually my Mom and I will be cooking and it will be so nice to spend another holiday with family and my friends in New York. I'd love to say I'm going to be making an entirely healthy dinner but actually butter, cheese (gotta have mac & cheese), and of course my special Sweet potato pie will be on the menu. 

The key to healthy eating during the holidays for me is not to cut out my favorites but to taste everything. A little of indulgence keeps me from overdoing it and of course spreading the love by sharing food with my friends keeps it out of my sight and mouth! 

I'll be running around like crazy over the next few days and hope to post but if I don't.....Merry Christmas!!!!!


Sheliza said…
Enjoy time with your family and Merry Christmas!! :)
Wifey said…
Safe travels and enjoy the holiday!

Winks & Smiles,

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