Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

I think I might try to do video posts all this week. I'm not really feeling in the mood to write. Perhaps it is the blustery weather and rain. I don't know. But I did want to give you an update on my Turkey Trot - I ran 8k (5 miles) on Thanksgiving before the big feast. Like today, it was a cool and rainy day and I really wanted to just roll over in the bed but I didn't. I got up determined to run my race. And run I did! I completed the race in 50 minutes which is great but I know I can do better. I ran the first mile in 9 minutes! And I just need to stop being lazy during my runs and run the entire way. I take walk breaks for some reason. If I didn't walk at all my time would have been so much better. 

Anyway, I'm happy. I'm especially happy that my son ran in his first race the Tot Trot!

Here he is carb loading before the race! He needed that energy for the 26.2 tough yards that he had to run! LOL, I almost couldn't get him to run because he wanted to eat his Scooby Snacks (thanks Grandma!). In the end we ran together and he celebrated his personal victory at the finish line!

I'm so glad that fitness has become a family affair in my household. Mekhi is already asking about the next race. I'll have to look into it. Perhaps next time he will run without holding mommy's hand! 


Wondermom said...

I'm inspired by your post today! I would love to be able to run 5 miles in 50 minutes but I've got a long way to go before I can even try. The legacy of fitness and health that you are passing on to Mekhi is beautiful! What a gift to pass on to one's children. I'm new to your blog and would love if you could write or vlog about how to get started with and active lifestyle. Was this something you were always into or is it a lifestyle change? Of course I'll go through the rest of the blog to see if this has been addressed but if not, I sure would be interested in reading it! Thank you for the inspiration!

Naomi said...

Love this.

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Anonymous said...

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