Several days of dress-up

Every year my mom sends my son a costume and this year he decided to once again be a dinosaur. Last year he was a T-Rex and this year he was a triceratops. He continues to be dino crazy and I love it. We had many opportunities for him to wear his costume and our first stop was the Pink Pig.

The former Rich's now Macy's Pink Pig is an annual tradition in Atlanta. Every year children line up to ride Pricilla the Pink Pig train and the proceeds benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. This year I'm a CHOA Mom to Mom blogger and Mekhi and I we were invited for a VIP preview of the ride.

We had an amazing time, if you are in Atlanta and your child enjoys trains be sure to take a ride on top of Macy's at Lenox Square Mall. On the preview day every child dressed in costume received a pink piggy bank and Mekhi loves it.

Our next stop was the Fall carnival at our friend's school. Mekhi watched a singer entertain the crowd.

But his favorite activity was cookie decorating

and eating the cookie.

Although I didn't take photos after the carnival we all headed over to the Aquarium for the Spookarium. It was so much fun. I loved that there were treat stations featuring healthy treats from brands like Cascadia Farms and Enviro-Kids. A nice reprieve from the candy I knew we'd collect the following day.

Our final costume day was Halloween and we started the day at church. I joined in the fun and dressed as the Queen of Sheba.

The sermon was about not judging based on appearances and the adducts were invited to dress as their favorite biblical figure to bring the point home. I actually was one of the winners of the costume contest!

After church we hooked up with our BFFs again to trick or treat in the neighborhood.

We accompanied the entire bee family (mom and dad were dressed too) and had a wonderful time collecting candy.

Mekhi's costume certainly got a lot of wear this year and I can't wait to see what next year holds!

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Momstart said…
Your costume deserved to win. I love it. Did you make it?
When I was at church, I thought it would have been fun to dress up for chruch. It was hard to send the kids to church without a costume.

Oh and cookie making would have been Zoe's favorite thing to do too!
You look adorable! I was supposed to dress up as an egyptian too but my daughter decided she wants both of us to be hot divas! lol - Congrats!!!

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