Lose For Good!

One of the things that I greatly enjoy about blogging is the opportunities that arise to make a difference. Last month I was contacted by Weight Watchers to participate in the Lose For Good Program. The program consisted of two parts - the one day twitterthon when every tweet with #loseforgood money was donated to hunger fighting organizations. Isn’t that incredible? A program focused on losing weight donating to fight hunger, right up my alley!

I also held a food drive for Lose For Good. On October 23rd all over the country food drives were held for the campaign with the goal of collecting good food for those in need. On October 21st I held a drive in cooperation with my Courageous Church stay-at-home mom small group. Together we were able to collect 30 pounds of food!

Yesterday I took the food to the Atlanta Community Food Bank and was truly overwhelmed by the things I learned.

On an annual basis they provide 26 million pounds of food to the hungry in the greater Atlanta area and North Georgia. They are always in need of volunteers and kids as young as 8 can participate in food sorting. The holiday seasons are particularly busy, I’m going to suggest volunteering as an activity for the teen group at church.

Overall I am excited that our small church group was able to make a difference by participating in Lose For Good. I’ve decided that the 30 pounds donated are in the name of Jennifer Hudson - although I know she lost more than 30 pounds on Weight Watchers, she too is a mom and made great strides with the program.

I’ve been given the opportunity to try out Weight Watchers for three months and since I’ve been off track with my healthy living I think I’ll start soon. Wish me luck!

Disclosure: I am a Weight Watchers Blogger and received a flip camera, t-shirts and reusable bags for my participation in the program. I donated all of the items to my small group and the Food Bank. I also received a 3 month membership and giftcard.


YAY WW! I am a huge fan and that's how I lost my 15 earlier this year (combined w workouts) while you were working on your loss on your side. It's a great maintenance program so that you don't have to follow it all the time after you hit your goal, bc you have learned how to eat the right things.

GOOD LUCK! :) :)
Beadwright said…
Hey girl. Good for you. You know I have been on WW. Our little group lost 240 pounds and donated 140 pounds of food to the food bank. It is the second year that I have been in charge of the food bank deliveries. By the way I have made goal, did my maintained and am still loosing. I have lost a total of 35 pounds on WW. It is a good program that any one can do.
Hope you give it a try.

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