The Holiday Challenge - Lose weight, keep it off! (video post)

A year ago I looked like this

I was obese.

Hard to believe, right?

Not really.

So often we let ourselves go and wake up wondering- what happened?

And even after a year of healthy living I still am challenged.

My scale has been slowly moving upward and if I’m not careful, I’ll gain too much weight.

So. Today. I’m getting it in check.

I’m celebrating where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.

Vowing never to go back.

And, starting a new challenge. I hope you join me. I’m keeping the weight off (and some) over the holidays.

Every day I’ll ask if you’ve exercised today.

I hope you answer affirmatively. Not everyday - cause that would be overdoing it - but at least three times a week.

Are you in???????


Laila said…
3 times a week it is!
Crafty Ann said…
I'm in renee. I only exercised 2 times a week, but I will put forth effort to do more. I too, am on a journey to a healthy lifestyle, and it has been a challenge. I'm glad I stumbled across your blog, it has motivated me even more to do better in my health living. Thank you. You make a great accountability blog partner for all of us who wants to do better in our health lifestyles.
Brooke said…
movement is so important. i'm in for 5 days a week! :)
Anonymous said…
You accomplished some much in a year! Congrats! It's still tough though. I'm rooting for our team to rock it out. :)

Danica Kombol said…
Renee, i know you've been on a journey, but until I saw this video I had no idea how drastic a change you've made in your life. What an encouragement you are to women out there on a similar journey!
Gemini-Girl said…
omg how cute are you!

You look amazing! I remember when you started the journey last year. Doesnt it feel amazing to lose all that weight?!
I gained 60lb when i was pg with my twins. This was after I had lost 50 pounds, and was a size 6. Now I am a size 8/10 gap jeans. I'm def not as skinny as I was before I became pg.. but i am happy to be healthy.

You really do look amazing- keep up the good work girl!
NaturalThinker said…
Good job! You are definitely a motivating force. I have GOT to get back to my exercise regimen and cooking more like I did prior to my move to VA a year ago. I still work out now, but definitely not with the intensity or frequency I used to put into it, and I'm definitely not happy with the "softness" that has shown up on my body when I've been used to the super toned me all my life. Thanks for the motivation! I'll be going to my Zumba class and hitting the gym on my 4-5 day regimen starting this weekend! Thanks for your inspiration!
Rachel said…
I'm in!

Stephanie said…
You look fantastic, Renee! And all in one year? Wow.

Also - that light purple sweater looks terrific on you.
What a wonderful accomplishment! You are so inspiring. I'd love to feature you on my blog.
Sophia said…
I am so amazed and inspired by you. When I saw you at Blogalicious, all I could think of is your pre-weightloss photo. I did not say hi, but I wanted to let you know that you look more amazing in person!
Wifey said…
Great video! Super inspiring!

Winks & Smiles,

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