Happy Anniversary to Me! (Video Post)

It is hard to believe I started my journey to healthy living a year ago. The time seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. On this day last year I began Jenny Craig and put myself out there for the world to follow my journey. Doing this during Thanksgiving and the holidays was a challenge but not impossible and my 20 pound weight loss by the first week of January proved it can be done.

Today I am recommitted to staying fit and healthy. Although I slipped back into some of my bad habits - like not eating enough - today that stops. I am starting my #holiday shrink. Many of you have joined me but I hope I can recruit more.

Together we can do this - get healthy, lose or maintain weight and live a better life!

By the way, have you exercised today??????


Happy Weight-Loss-o-versary, Renee!!! :D
dcyrill said…
Congrats. And yes I did :)
Kim said…
whohooooo!!! congrats!

I did take the kids out for a walk & even jogged a couple of spurts w/them!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats!!!! So happy for you!
keyalus said…
Happy Anniversary!
Happy anniversary and yes your makeup looks great on your healthy face!!
Anonymous said…

This is a message for the webmaster/admin here at cutiebootycakes.blogspot.com.

May I use some of the information from your blog post right above if I give a link back to your site?

Al_Pal said…
Congrats, lady!!!

The makeup is nice. ;p
You sound happy & your son is looking so cute!

Happy Holidays!

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