Get me bodied!

One of my favorite songs by Beyoncé is Get Me Bodied. It is on my running playlist constantly. But here is the thing. I haven't been doing anything recently to "get my body tight, get my body right" Halloween candy, McDonalds and just carbs have been in heavy rotation around here with no exercise or healthy eating to speak of.

It has been two weeks since the half marathon and I have a 10k + a 3k to run this weekend. I've decided I'll run the 10k and then go back and run the 5k with the rest of the folks from my church that I've motivated and encouraged to run too. Ambitious only if I try to get a personal best on Saturday but I think I'll just go for finishing in an hour so I can meet the girls at the start line.

From here forward I'm going to channel Ms. Sasha Fierce - as a matter of fact I have a shirt that reads "I Run To Be.... Renée Fierce" gotta live up to it. I can't get those abs and legs without exercising and I'd hate to let all of the work that I've done up until now go to waste.

Time to get back on track start training again and strengthen up these loose muscles.  A daily challenge until I get back in the groove but I know I'll get my rhythm back. Hopefully sooner than later. And the scale? Well, let's just say I'm up about 8 pounds or so. I am optimistic about it because it is that TOM and that should account for some of it....I hope!


Sheliza said…
At least you are recognizing what you need to work out and intend to do something about it. Keep up your positive attitude and I am proud of you for at least indulging a little in Halloween candy and McD's. You still gotta live! ;-)
Anji said…
I used to jam out to that song, too! "Mission one..."! *smile*

I really need to start working out again, too, and actually find a way to be consistent!

You are so amazing, though,'s okay to take a small break sometimes (as long as it doesn't become a permanent break)!

I am trying to find a way to exercise without making a special time to do so. Like instead of waking up early to do a video, have a dance party with my daughter or walk to the grocery store... I don't know. I have to figure out some alternatives.
keyalus said…
"A little sweat ain't never hurt nobody!" I love that song and live by that motto.

I like Beyonce. She has a great body but you can tell she has to work hard to keep it in line. That always makes me feel better for some reason LOL - knowing that stars have to work out hard too.

Halloween candy is the devil. Everyone keeps bringing their leftovers from home into work.
YUMMama said…
8 pounds isn't that bad. You have to keep in mind that your body is putting on muscle which can cause small weight gain. And I gain weight during TOM so a few pounds could come from that. But it's great that you're still going to get back on track, especially before Thanksgiving gets here.

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