Friday night eats

Everyone who knows me understands that I love food. Obviously over the past year I've become mu h more mindful about the food that I eat and have certainly been focusing on preparing the majority of my meals at home.

HOWEVER, like everyone else there are times when I am simply too busy, tired, or uninspired to cook at home. Fast food really isn't an option (well it is but I try to stay far away from it) but I admit that convenience foods from the grocery store do find their way into my home and on my plate occasionally.

Last week I was sent some "convenience" foods from Walmart's Marketside line. These foods are convenient because they don't require a great deal of preparation. Offerings include pizza, salad, vegetables, pasta sauces, fresh pasta, bread, dips, and soups. These foods are found in the deli or produce section and they are "fresh".

I simply had to finish the cooking process with the breads, boil the pasta for five minutes, heat the sauces and soups and the salads were ready to go. My favorites are the low calorie Cesar salad, the tomato soup, and I really liked the cranberry walnut bread. Which is not gluten free but was so delicious(I'm paying for this indulgence with a mini breakout but honestly, it was worth it)!

I like the the soups, breads, pasta, sauces and dips were available in both family size and petite sizes. Especially the bread- since I'm not supposed to be eating it!

I enjoyed the cheese pizza and gave the three different meat varieties to a friend since I'm not a meat eater. Overall, I enjoyed the taste of all the foods I sampled but I especially liked the prices! To feed a family of four with pasta, sauce, salad and bread cost way below $20.00 and in my opinion the food was restaurant quality.

I highly recommend the marketside line, if you are looking for a quick affordable meal for your family and don't feel lie spending a lot of time in the kitchen, try marketside!

Disclosure: I'm a Walmart mom and was sent samples to review and I've been compensated to spread the word about the marketside line.

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shopannies said…
sounds great so glad there is a walmart just down the road from me
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