I'm packing for a roadtrip (last minute as usual) so I am going to make it quick. This week was one great big FAIL! My scale has not read 160 in months, months I tell you. Soooo, I am back to Operation Weight Loss! It must happen. No more procrastination.

I was waiting for my new EA SPORTS Active 2 to arrive but I cannot. CANNOT! This is unacceptable.

Tomorrow I run the Turkey Trot.

And I plan to keep logging exercise minutes.

I have to because my health depends on it.


Legacy said…
"Sometimes you just have to forget about the scale and measure success by the way you look, feel and the size of your clothes!" ~Renee Ross April 21, 2010
Petula said…
It's kind of funny that Legacy quoted you, but she's right. Take your own advice. I'm sure you'll be back on track soon because you really rock!
Wifey said…
Erase "Fail" from your vocab. Its just a minor set back. You're on top of it!

Winks & Smiles,
MommyNamedApril said…
you can do it! i'm rooting for you!

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