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Stride Sports Bikini

When I exercise one of the most important things is my comfort. I can't run for miles or workout for hours if my clothing is ill fitting, does not wick sweat or is simply wrong for my activity. In the past I've discussed my search for the best sports bras but one thing I haven't talked about are underwear. I personally like to wear sports underwear, especially on event day because they are light weight, wick sweat and are barely noticable. They also tend to be pricey, I have one pair of Nike Dry Fit that I wear on race days and are simply amazing.

I was recently sent a pair of Stride Everyday Sports Bikini underwear and I love them! These underwear are unique because not only do they have great wicking action - I don't feel clamy after heavy exercise - but they also have a built in panty liner. Although I don't suffer from incontinence, these work perfectly for those moments when I might sneeze and well, you know what can happen! They are even great for that extra protection if I am running during that TOM when the possibility of a leak is always on my mind.

They are really comfortable, so comfortable in fact that I completely forgot that I had them on. They wash extremely well - I hang mine to dry and I am quite pleased with them.  These underwear are available at Duane Read or you can purchase them online at the Stride website. They run about $25.00 so although I won't wear these on a daily basis I know they are in my stockpile when I need them - for racing or days when I need a little *extra* protection.

* Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Stride underwear for review but as usual all opinions are my own.


Dana said…
I'm glad to see a review for these! Underwear are the WORST part of running to me. I think I will try these.
I so get tired of pulling and tugging on my underwear during a workout. With that being said... $25?

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