One of the things that I enjoy about being in Atlanta is that I'm surrounded by other women who I admire, can learn from and share life experiences with. One of those women is Shelley, the Food Relationship Coach of Naturi Beauty Concepts.

This talented lady is my Spelman sister  and the holder of an MA from Harvard (she is tight, ya'll)! She is also a talented chef and she has been leading workshops nationwide for women that want to bring some of her expertise into their own kitchens.  In Atlanta she held a chocolate  affair and in DC she featured honey, ginger and rosemary.  I love Shelley's focus on NATURAL. Clearly, during my journey I've been focused on eating healthy and sticking to natural ingredients (except when I get a bit off track, it happens, don't judge me, LOL). Shelley's classes show you that eating healthy does not have to be boring and actually can be a taste experience that your palate will not soon forget!

On December 4th, the next event will feature Coconut and Tumeric here in the Castleberry Hills neighborhood of Atlanta. I cannot wait! I am going to be one of Shelley's guests and I look forward to the event.

To register for this amazing event just visit - EventBrite. Not only will we be sampling Shelley's delicious food, we will also be leaving with natural body care products to make our own beauty products. 


Execumama said…
Indeed, Shelley is all kindsa amazing!! I can personally attest to her skills in the kitchen as she's been creating excellent vegan meals for my daughters for years!

Professionally, she's an absolute joy to work with, and she brings 100 percent to the table every time!

I'm looking forward to the rest of the world catching on the Naturi Beauty movement, because I am already a lifelong fan!
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