Cold running!

This morning I woke up bright and early to run the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta annual Strong Legs 10k. This race benefitted CHOA and people did fundraising to support the cause. Having just completed fundraising for Nike I didn't fundraiser but after finishing the 10k I went back to the start line and ran a 5k with women from my church.

In the first race I ran with my girlfriend Chiquita- her first 10k. Way to go Chiquita! The weather was brutal. Even though I a native New Yorker cold running is not my thing. As you can see I was bundled up, had on gloves and I was still cold! Actually, just my hands were frosty once I got moving I warmed up. At the end of the race I had icicles in my hair!

The key for cold running is layers, I had on a dry fit tank, a wicking t-shirt and a wicking pullover in addition to my arm sleeves and gloves. For the 5k the sun was higher and things started warming up just in time for my run with Courageous.

I took my time and pretty much stayed with Sofie and Christine it was nice giving and receiving encouragement along the way.

Me and Sofie

We all finished the race and many were first timers! I can't wait until our next race in February, the Princess Half -Marathon.

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