Why I'm running the Nike Women's Marathon

I'm on the plane in route to San Francisco to run the Nike Women's half marathon. I'm giddy with excitement and proud that I'm pushing myself physically to complete the race. I'm a little apprehensive because despite months of training I feel like I could have done more. Injuries have kept me from following my training schedule exactly but I am confident that I'll complete the race.

My confidence comes from remembering why I'm running this race. I am running in honor of Ja'Naya and will be wearing her smiling face on the day of my race. She was diagnosed with leukemia in January and is currently in remission.

I'm running for those who can no longer run, in memory of my cousin George and my Aunt Helen. Their names are on my race day jersey and I have this lovely tattoo of my aunt that I'll wear proudly on Sunday.

And I'm running for Mitzi, our team in training honored hero she has raised over $10,000 for the cause and will be running the full marathon on Sunday. And I'm running for all of the people currently struggling with these diseases with the hope that the $250,000 that my team has raised will go a long way in this fight against cancer!

I know I'll cross the finish line Sunday even if I have to crawl. There are too many people that I know who'd love to be physically able to walk let alone run across a finish line. And I'm doing this for you.

For the next 24 hours paypal is donating .05 for every blogpost, tweet and facebook status update mentioning #beatcancer. Please support the cause by using the power of social media for good. It won't cost you anything, we might break the Guiness world record again this year and most importantly funds will go to cancer research!
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Runeatrepeat said…
Good luck! Great reason to run too :)
Lynn said…
I'm so proud of you Renee. I hope you do awesome today! I'll be thinking of you and your accomplishment. Can't wait for your post about it all.

My best, Lynn
MizFit said…
eager to hear how it went!
Anonymous said…
The matchless message ;)

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