Wendy's Healthy Chioces

Although I am on a journey to healthy living, there are times when cooking at home is not an option. Because of my limited diet, eating at fast food restaurants is rarely an option for me but the exception has always been Wendy's. I've always been able to get a potato as a healthy option and back in the day they used to have this great Greek Salad wrap.

Last week I had a chance to hang out with some of my blogging friends and try out the new Wendy's pick 2 menu which is filled with healthy options. You choose a salad of your choice and add a side from numerous choices. I am not a meat eater so all of the chicken salads were out for me but I did choose the Baja salad. It is usually served with chili but since I don't eat beef I requested that it be left off. They added an extra scoop of guacamole for me and I was quite happy.

The salad was topped with pico de gallo so I didn't add any additional Saldana dressing. This is something to be aware of because when salads are high in calories it is because of the dressing. All of the dressing available at Wendy's had the nutritional information included so you can make an informed decision when choosing your dressing.

I choose a potato for my pick 2 and although it had sour cream and butter they were served on the side so I again was able to limit my calories but still enjoyed the chives. I finished off my meal with a water. I appreciate the fact that if I do decide to go the fast food route I know I can make healthy choices at Wendy's.

Disclosure - I was provided with a gift card to purchase my meal and my guest's meal. I was also compensated to spread the word about the pick 2 menu but as usual, all opinions are my own.
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