Race Day Essentials Vol. 3 - Playlists and a giveaway!

With less that 2 weeks until my half-marathon I am really gearing up for my race. On Saturday I ran my final group run with Team in Training. And although I ran with a group the first four mile, I still had my earbuds locked in my ears (low enough for me to still chat). Music really helps keep me going on the long runs. And although I can run without music, it adds a layer of fun to the adventure. I try to run with  music that has at least 169 beats per minute to help me keep my cadence when I run. If the music is too slow, I’ll end up slogging along running to it. I I have a playlist of music that I listen to and I also have a podcast that motivates me. A good song with a rocking beat helps me keep my legs pumping when I’m getting in my training miles.

Take a look at some of the songs in my playlist:
Beyonce - Get Me Bodied
Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be
Jay Z and Alicia Keys - An Empire State of Mind
Jay Z - Young Forever
BOB - Nothing on You
Jill Scott - Golden

This playlist worked really well when I first started running but it is too short and for some reason my iPod on my phone acts wonky and does a snippet of each song and moves on. That is the most annoying thing when I am in need of Beyonce’s motivation! Now, I mostly listen to PodRunner workout podcasts. These podcasts are designed to motivate and they do. I am currently loving Suncatcher, a mix of house and tribal beats. The best thing about the podcasts? They are FREE!!!

If music motivates you I’m sure you will love this giveaway sponsored by Subway!


You know Jared, the guy who lost 100 pounds eating Subway? Well, he is gearing up for the New York Marathon. As part of the Commit to Fit program, Subway is encourage us to be fit too!  I have my Nike Half-Marathon as my current fitness goal and music is helping me get there. Subway wants to provide one of you with an iPod shuffle and a $10 iTunes card to motivate you!
(I am also receiving this treat in exchange for spreading the word about the Commit To Fit campaign). To win, all you have to do is tell me what your favorite song(s) is on your fitness playlist!

For extra entries you can tweet about this giveaway using  #committofit and link to this post!

Good Luck!

More ways to win - you can enter the Commit To Fit sweepstakes to win up to $26,200 ($1000 for every mile Jared runs) by visiting Subway's Facebook page!


Jennifer G. said…
You are going to think I am crazy but I have a couple of Glee songs that really jazz me: "Don't Stop Believin" "Somebody to Love" and "Like a Prayer" ... the runner (and rocker girl)in me loves Nickelback music, Black Black Eyed Peas and Lady GaGa.
I love listening to Hot and Cold, very fun tunes!!
The Doll said…
I’m a sucker for Glee too on my iPod. I really like Express Yourself and the Journey mash up Any Way You Want It/Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’. I’m also a sucker for Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride.
Paige Mark said…
On my IPod at the moment:

Linkin Park -
What I've Done
New Divide

Keane -
Somewhere ONly We Know

Green Day -

Paul Oakenfold -
Ready Steady Go

It changes all of the time, though...
Daphne said…
The song for me that really gets me amped when working out, is the The Black Eye Peas " I Gotta Feeling"
This is such a feel good, energetic song.

~Daphne Channel
K. Rock said…
I looooove Rock Your Body byt the BEP. That songs gets me so hyped!! And so does Get Me Bodied by Beyonce.
Chilihead said…
Are you using your iPhone as your iPod? If so, you may have the "shake to shuffle" feature on inadvertently. That means every time you run, you're shuffling your songs! Go to Settings > iPod > Shake to Shuffle > Off.

I hope that fixes your problem!

My favorite song on my run list is Try It Again by the Hives. But I run at 150bpm because I'm supah slow.
*Lissa* said…
I love anything by Seether, Halestorm, Black-Eyed Peas, and Dolly Parton. ;p
Kim said…
oh how fun!! I have been too cheap to buy anything so I am still listening to week 8 of the C25K program :))
Rachel said…
What an awesome giveaway!! And thanks for the podcast shoutout - I will have to check into that. I have a 1/2 marathon race this coming SUnday and I am in dire need of updating my play list. :P

My favorite running tunes are: anything 90's hip hop (I like big butts, rump shaker, zoom zoom, perogative, etc...) :)
lorrie said…
when i do walks i like to use my mp3 player but on walk day for 5k's i like to go without cause i can focus on where i am on the walk and all the stuff going on around me
mnmspecial said…
I am really bad when it comes to the names of songs, but I have the Hard and the Heavy album (Big Truck is my favorite song) and a few Rob Zombie songs (Walking Dead Girl sticks with me)...I think it is just so dark that I forget to think about the pain...Reverse psychology I guess, lol. During the slow time I play Spaghetti Western themes.
justicecw said…
I am going to go old school with my favorite Pump Up The Jam! Thanks for the chance, justicecw@hotmail.com
sohamolina said…
I like Fire Burnin' by Sean Kinston.
sohamolina said…
3gees4me said…
I usually will play something in my cycle class and then end up using it for my cardio. I recently added "Kryptonite"
my fav. song to workout to is anything by big bands call me crazy, but i love to dance!
Laila said…
Beyonce - Get Me Bodied
Outkast - Bombs Over Baghdad

Are 2 of my favorite "get it moving' songs.
Miz said…
my mp3 is filled with oldoldoldschool snoop.

always :)
~Lori~ said…
Love your playlist and you are super cute! Good luck with all your races!
im really proud of you, keep up the good work!!!

Also my fav song on my gym mix is jump around by house of pain.

debbie said…
My favorite is be yourself by audioslave.
Stephanie said…
I love "Right 'Round" by FloRida. Seriously it's the BEST running song. Morally...not so much but you do what you gotta to keep the pace going strong!
L. Michelle said…
The song that each of my workout playlists has in commen is "A Milli" by Lil Wayne. That song gets me so hype. Another common song that I keep is Bad B*tch by Webbie. I don't typically listen to rap but I need the beats to keep me going.
keyalus said…
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Bombs Over Baghdad - Outkast
Whine Up - Kat de Luna
Danielle said…
Baby Likes To Rock It by The Tractors
Danielle said…
tweet http://twitter.com/drellis500/status/26484921563

Rebecca B. said…
Love the playlist!

I have a lot of contemporary christian on mine, Jars of Clay and Mercy Me.

Best of Luck with the race!
Anonymous said…
Because I'm new to running, I like both fast & slow pace. I'm currently listening to old school James Brown. Back in the day, one song was on side 1.
Angie Marion said…
One song that really motivates me is Pretty Boy Swag and I just switch out the BOY to "Girl" and be like "Pretty Girl Swag" lol.

pricousins at aol dot com
Angie Marion said…
Tweet: http://twitter.com/pricousins/status/26508074121

pricousins at aol dot com

Good luck in your race!
Andrea Hatfield said…
Right now I am into Maroon 5's new song Misery.
Andrea Hatfield said…
Anonymous said…
When I work out I always start of with Barracuda by Heart. It is an awesome song to get you pumped and motivated. You should try it. Thx for the great contest and Committofit!!!!!!!!! @sweepstakesriff on twitter (sweepstakesriff@yahoo.com)
Shawnee H said…
I LOVE Mandisa's FREEDOM song! http://www.amazon.com/gp/dmusic/media/sample.m3u/ref=dm_sp_smpl?ie=UTF8&catalogItemType=track&ASIN=B001VFUMBU&CustomerID=A3IYK4ITBY1RJ6 Thanks for the opportunity!!

And good luck with your race!
I have Take You There by Sean Kingston as my Power Song. Janet Jackson has songs where the beat is in tune with my stride.
BrwnBbyDolFans said…
Songs that keep me movin' no matter what I'm doing in the gym or running errands not to mention when I'm having an off day:
1. Lose my breath -destiny's child
2.waka waka(this time for Africa)-shakira
3.the anthem-pitbull
4.only girl(in the world)-Rihanna
5.I can change your life- llyod
One of my faves is Gonna Make You Sweat by C & C Music Factory. That just takes my workout up a notch.

Congrats on your ShrinkVivor Success!
Gerrie said…
I listen to gospel music and I love any of it that is fast and upbeat...my favorite on my playlist is "When I Get Carried Away"
gerrie DOT shaeffer AT yahoo DOT com
Gerrie said…
gerrie DOT shaeffer AT yahoo DOT com
Anonymous said…
I am new to running and honestly don't think I could do it without music... right now though I have a jumbled playlist that needs some TLC - how do you know the BPM of your music? I just go off of what I like but BPM would be uber-helpful! my nike+ power song at the moment - "Devil went down to Georgia" get's me EVERY time and I kick it up another notch! I will have to check out those podcasts!

Thanks for the info!
Petula said…
I actually don't have a workout playlist because I haven't had anything to play it on. LOL Amber lost my MP3 player. There is a song, one of Beyonce's, that Amber and I used to dance to. It would really get us moving and sweating.
Quel said…
When Beyonce's Freakum Dress comes on, I increase the incline on the treadmill just a little bit more and picture myself in something short and backless...and continue to push myself.
My favorite is anything that is up beat. Sadly, I need to playlist that is full of those type songs. Thanks for the podcast info.

I'd love to win!
Nice choices. I like BEP. Good luck on your race. It's quickly approaching.
Kathleen said…
Don't enter me in this, since I have a shuffle, but I just had to say that I love listening to Scenario by Tribe Called Quest if I'm out walking. The beat is infectious.
Um - you are going to totally laugh at me. But this is why I'm entering. 1. I don't have an iPod yet. (no iPod, no iPhone either)
2. the last TAPE I worked out to had Madonna on it. I swear, Vogue is the best song to do crunches to.

OK, go ahead, laugh.
But at least I'm back in the gym...finally!
Anonymous said…
When it comes to "fitness" songs (I prefer to think of them as songs to make me move), I've really been loving Paramore lately.

Specifically: Misery Business, Decoy, Ignorance, Brick by Boring Brick, For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic, Playing God, Brick by Boring Brick, That's What You Get, and Born for This. On random and repeat, you got it.

Good for just dancing around and fun, and walking with a hustle when it's time move it.

postedcontests (at) gmail.com
Cassie said…
Good selection! Lately, I've enjoyed the Glee kids and their songs as well as lately... DJ got us fallin in love again - Usher

But practically anything with a good beat will do!

Tabathia said…
right now i listen to tik tok by kesha
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
Tabathia said…
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
Keonte' S said…
Anything Beyonce gets me inspired! All tempos will work. I love her.
kia said…
I won an ipod from you back in December that I still use for my runs FYI. I can't really stand the Black Eyed Peas but love Boom Boom Pow. Honestly my fave running piece is Tchikovsy's 1812 Overture. That seriously used to be my pump up jam back in the day when I was a sprinter in high school and college.
Katie said…
The song on my playlist that ALWAYS gets me moving is House of Pain's "Jump Around"! :)
kkondek at gmail.com
Katie said…
Tweet! http://twitter.com/ktkatherine/status/27044247278
One of my favs is Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie.

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