Living healthy ain't easy!

Well, this has been an interesting week. I have not exercised. At all. I've been in recovery mode since running the Nike (Half) Marathon. It has been quite revealing for me. I realize that if I don't exercise my mood changes tremendously and not in a good way. It is clear to me that in order to maintain my mental health exercise is necessary.

Not only have I been lacking in the area of exercise but I have been eating terribly. I'm pretty sure I've had McDonalds at least 3 times this week. Probably a record for me because I tend to shy away from fast food but for some reason I've been drawn in.

I am focusing on picking myself up and dusting off my shoulders, eating healthy again and exercising. The funny thing about all of this is I've actually lost weight over the past couple of weeks. I just wanted to share my challenges this week because I think it is easy to believe that this process comes easily to some of us and in actuality, living healthy is a challenge for me every single day.


I can absolutely relate to what you're saying.

I am known in my circle of friends as the go to healthy eater and exercise fanatic. Most days I live up to this, but in September I "fell off the wagon" in a big way. I just wanted a break from being so disciplined for so long. I did realize during my hiatus that I really didn't want much of what I was putting in my mouth. I was doing quite a bit of mindless eating. When I started by running this past Sunday, I realized this is who I really am. A woman who enjoys pushing my body to do things I didn't think were possible. A healthy lifestyle of fresh foods and exercise are what keep me feeling and looking my best.

My encouragement to you is... Shake it off! Let's get back to it. Blessings to you!
Allison M. said…
Oh, how I love those fries.

but, how my ass doesn't love them.
fcornelius said…
I agree, my past week has been fries, ice cream, pastries, etc. The prior week was a 3 pound weight loss, got to get back on track again.
hicksgirl93 said…
Appreciate you being candid. Being physically healthy is one of my biggest struggles, those fries, burgers & chips seem to always call my name.
Anonymous said…
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