I joined the Army!

Today is the first day of October and we all know what that means - the start of Breast cancer awareness month. Over my lifetime I have watched this awareness movement grow and grow and grow. There are a million products out there that are available for purchase, pink for breast cancer awareness and many are available year round. Usually a portion of the proceeds from these products goes to breast cancer research. But is this really enough?

The insight needed for prevention of breast cancer requires more than just funding, it requires individuals that are courageous enough to participate in the research. This is why I’ve decided to join the Avon Army of Women and pledged to blog about my decision today. Like most people I know, I’ve had close friends that have battled breast cancer. Breast cancer affects all women, however, it is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in African American woman. Not only that, African American women tend to be diagnosed at later stages of the disease and are more likely to die from it.

I also know that African Americans generally have a lower participation rate in clinical trials which are essential for both a cure and prevention. I think it is my responsibility to make myself available to help not only myself but future generations of women by participating in clinical trials when they are available. That is why I’ve joined the Army of women, I will be receiving emails containing information about clinical trials and I can make a decision about joining. It is free and currently approximately 330,000 have joined the army. The goal is one million and today I am one of many bloggers that have taken the pledge to blog about breast cancer and hopefully encourage you to join the army and blog about your decision too.


kia said…
Thanks for posting this Renee. I will look into doing it too. I get annoyed in October when Breast Cancer Awareness usually revolves around buying products w/ proceeds benefiting organizations. That is fine but the key aspect about personal care responsibility and using our bodies to fight this disease is generally silent. I am glad I now know about this campaign.
LaLicenciada said…
This is so inspiring. Thank you for posting this.


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