Final preparations Race Day Essentials vol.4

Three more days. I have 3 more days until the Nike Women's Marathon. I can't believe it. As I'm packing I decided to share a few more essentials for race day. First up, my new purple and white Saucony Grid Pro-ride 3 running shoes. I use the word "new" loosely because I've done several runs in them already. I'd never run in brand new shoes on race day. I had to return to my roots with this pair of runners. In the past I've run in Saucony and I don't like Nike for distance(my feet are still recovering from awful blisters). The new Saucony shoes have a smaller toe box which limits the amount of rubbing. I like the snug fit and they are extremely comfortable when I run.

I'm running on Sunday in a pair of Thorlo socks but I'm going with a thin pair because I know my feet will swell over the duration of the race. I'm pretty confident that my feet won't blister and I'll be sure to repot back after the race. I have to give a big shout out to Saucony for sending my shoes and ensuring my feet are race day ready. If you like to try a pair use the code SanFran10 for a discount just for my readers.

For after the race I purchased compression socks. Compression socks are supposed to help keep pain away after races by keeping the blood circulating properly. If you've ever had surgery you may have worn compression socks but in my experience they aren't so cute. I'll let you know if these work for me.

The last time I ran in the cold here in Atlanta one of my hands went completely numb. I decided to order these running gloves to prevent that from happening in the future. I will be wearing these in San Fran because I know it will be cold the morning of the race.

Since it will be cold and I'll be wearing a singlet I purchased these arm sleeves. I've worn them on runs and they work wonderfully. I love the design and like to think the butterflies power my runs.

For after the race I am bringing along Epsom salt. Although I'd like to take an ice bath to help with recovery, my entire hotel will be full of runners with the same idea. I'm bringing my salts just in case the ice runs out because a bath after the race is a necessity.

Finally I have a gift from my mentor. A water bottle that I'll use leading up to race day to stay hydrated. I'm aiming for 100 ounces a day. The bottle is filled with energy beans and gels that I will eat along the race. Thank you Carol for being such a wonderful Team in Training mentor, you've inspired me to become a mentor in the future.

So, that is it I leave early in the morning. I plan to post on Twitter during the race, have fun and remember my reasons for running. I have some special race day essentials that I plan in highlighting featuring my honored hero Ja'Naya and my Aunt Helen. More on that later, I have to get back to packing!

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Bari said…
SQUEEE! It's almost here! You are going to seriously kick butt in San Fran. I am so proud of how far you have come this year. I'm also proud to be running "with" you, even though I'll be a couple thousand miles away. One of my race day essentials will be all of my fellow 10-17-10 runner girls names written on my arm. When I feel like stopping, I'll look down and all of you will encourage me to just "shut up and run".
Love you, Renee! Have an amazing race!
Unknown said…
Super prepared!!! You are going to rock that race!!! can't wait to hear all about it next week!
keyalus said…
You got this! I'll be virtually cheering for you!

I've got to try those arms sleeves! Seems like a very good idea if they don't cost much and can be tossed off during the race. Much easier than wrangling a jacket around your waist!

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