If you think something is impossible I am here to tell you - nothing is impossible! A year and a half ago I was on twitter speaking to my friend Maria Bailey and she was trying to convince me that I could run a marathon. The 200 pound me. The me that had let herself go and saw no way out of the depression and fat that had overtaken her body. That me simply laughed and said “I have no desire to ever run long distance, 6 miles is my max ever.” And today I find myself ready for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon that is just 23 days away and I have all confidence in myself that I will finish.

Not only will I finish but with your help, I have raised over $5000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help newly diagnosed patients and fund research for a cure. When I decided to do this back in June I was doubtful. I doubted my ability to run 13.1 miles but more importantly I doubted my ability to raise $3900.00, the minimum fundraising amount for me to attend the race with Team in Training.

But I set out on my quest, called up my good friend Jennae and told I was running for her daughter Ja’Naya and that was it. I HAD to meet my goal. If nothing else, I follow through on my promises to friends and a promise to a four year I certainly was going to keep. Within two months I met my goal of $3900 and decided to keep on going. By aiming for Rockstar status - raising $1000 over the fundraising minimum, I guaranteed over 75% of the funds raised were going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And admittedly, I am a bit competitive - even it if it is only with myself and I wanted the honor of being recognized as a Rockstar - with a pin, hat and certificate. Little things for a major accomplishment but worth it to me.

And today, I’m so proud to say not only am I ready to run the 13.1 miles but I’ve gone over my initial fundraising goal by $1220.00! See, nothing is impossible, nothing! Despite these difficult economic times people supported this effort. Every single donation mattered, from $5.00 to $500 and to you all I say THANK YOU! You have made a difference!

I’m not done. I still have a race to run but I am so thankful and grateful for all of the support that you have given to this wonderful cause. Of course, I will post photos from San Francisco and I gotta show off the firefighters and that Tiffany’s necklace that I’ll earn when I cross the finish line. See you there virtually! And again, THANK YOU!!

P.S. - like my stationary? It is so me and by Tiny Prints, check them out!


KimDuncan said…
Congrats on your courageous and successful venture! Imagine and know you can do anything! Best wishesfor an abundant, delightful lifeboat matter what you accomplish.
Keonte' S said…
Way to go! I am going to attempt to train for a marathon. You will definitely be my inspiration.

Good luck and keep up the good work.
Jennae said…
Renee, I am so, so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! My only wish is that our could be there at the finish line waiting for you!

Every day, I read your inspiring stories and think, "I could never do that." I am where you were a year and a half ago, but every time I see how well you're doing, I become more and more determined not to be there next year.

Thank you, not just for running in Ja'Naya's name, but for just being the incredible, awe-inspiring woman you are! I love you girl!
Jennae said…
Edit: I meant to say "that our family could be there at the finish line waiting for you"
maria bailey said…
Renee, I am beyond proud of you! I remember that tweet so well and that's what makes it even better for me to watch your success. You go girl!!
Roo said…
What an amazing journey you've made! So proud of you! You'll rock that 1/2! :)
So incredibly proud of you Renee! Maybe we can meet up sometime and conquer that full marathon... ;)

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