A Success Story!

Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!
Earlier this year The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans had a Monday Project that involved making a vision board. Although I never made one before, I used my barely existent crafty ways and kept it simple. I merely posted a quote for inspiration and placed a couple of my photos to show my progress. Sadly, I haven’t updated the board with new photos but I’ve always remembered my final vision - to see myself as a success story in a couple of different periodicals.

Well, today part of my vision has come true. I am featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution Health and Fitness Section as a Success Story! Here is the link to the online version and I am on my way to the grocery store to pick up several hard copies of the paper. I guess it is time for me to update my vision board!

As far as working out goes, I have been pretty lazy. I ran 8 miles on Saturday and my poor feet are once again blistered. On Monday I was in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to work out with the EA SPORTS Active 2 and I have to say I cannot wait until the November release date! As most people know, I used EA SPORTS Active More Workouts to kick start my weight loss program and honestly I attribute much of my success to EA and their continued support of my efforts.

I only worked about for about 10 minutes with the game and yesterday and today I am still feeling it. Gerard, the fitness trainer for EA developed a customized workout for me that primarily focused on strength training for my lower body and clearly it worked! I have sore muscles (in a good way) and will be firing up my More Workouts so that I can work on building muscle that I’m sure will help prevent injury and keep my hip in shape. I know that I should be strength training but my experience with EA just drove the point home.

As far as checking in for Shrinkvivor, the scale is down from last week, I am at 152.4  - I knew that the water weight would be gone! So, I continue in maintenance mode this is a good place to be. I can hardly believe that the Nike Women’s Half Marathon is only 25 days away. Of course, I am planning my next event and I think it will be the Zooma Women’s Half Marathon the first week of November. After that the Disney Princess Half-Marathon the weekend of my birthday in February.

Keeping these goals in mind help me continue my exercise and training. I love having something to work for and of course the medals at the end of each race provide me with a sense of accomplishment!

P.S. I've been nominated for the Top 50 Most Inspirational People on Twitter and I'd love it if you'd vote for me here - http://bit.ly/cWUU2f


Becca said…
Great job! That's fantastic to be featured... and EA Sports Active 2 sounds awesome so far!
Anonymous said…
Hi there - It's Kim from Primrose. Long time, no chat! Just had to tell you that I saw your story on the AJC website and oh my goodness - you look FANTASTIC! I'd love to gt together sometime to hear more about your journey and just catch-up on life as it's been awhile since we had breakfast at Flying Biscuit (maybe a year?)! Time flies as we get older!

Roo said…
That's terrific!!! YAY!
Christy M. said…
I'm so proud of you Renee! I remember that breakfast we had in Pleasanton, and how much I was already in awe of you :) Now you've gone and lost 50 pounds and become a HUGE success story. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF AND ALL YOU'VE ACCOMPLISHED. It's huge. And you're jeans are small :)
Bari said…
So cool for all your hard work to be showcased in such an amazing way. Proud of you girl!

And...OMG!!! Our 1/2s are in 25 days!!!! (Ok, I'm going to try and not freak out right now.)
keyalus said…
I totally noticed you in that story this morning! Congratulations! That is so cool!

You know if you do 3 half-marathons in a 90 day period you can join the "Half Fanatics" (sort of like Marathon Maniacs) but for halfies! I'm doing Silver Comet in late-October, the Thanksgiving Half and one in Warner Robins in Jan. You don't have to run them all hard, you can even walk. You just have to finish LOL.
Trish said…
You are a definite inspiration!!

Tiffany said…
WOW Renee! You are so amazing - everytime I turn around, you inspire me further! Great job.
Renee, I am more proud of you every day! I wish Ja'Naya, my husband and I could be there to see you run the half marathon in her honor. I seriously get misty-eyed just thinking about it. You are an inspiration and I'm so glad I can call you a friend!
Trish said…
Oh wow that is awesome!! WOW!

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