Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!

One of the most important things for me on this journey to healthy living is having a support system. My support system continues to be all of the people that I interact with on the Internet from my friends on The Daily Mile, to YouTube subscribers, facebook and twitter (it goes without saying that all of my blog readers are my support system). 

One of my favorite places for support is the Sister of the Shrinking Jeans. The sisters(and a few brothers) have been with me since the beginning of my journey. Their fearless leader Christy and I met in California last October on the commercial shoot for EA SPORTS Active and after meeting her I joined the sisterhood. We have challenges ever 6 weeks and they keep me on my toes.

The current challenge is Shrinkvivor. We have been divided into teams with the hopes of becoming the ultimate Shrinkvivor. Prizes are on the line and there is even an exile island! I have no illusions of winning this friendly competition but just knowing that I can support my team, challenge myself with the physical and non-physical challenges is enough for me to keep going.

For today’s weigh-in I am coming in at 154.4 pounds. It is that TOM and in this instance it benefits me because at the very least I know I’ll be losing the 2.4 pounds of water weight in the next week or so. I am very excited to see what types of challenges are in store for me and am so comfortable with knowing that although I am basically in the maintenance phase, I still need support and have found it with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

Speaking of support, I also want to note that the Nike Women's Half-Marathon is swiftly approaching. In just 32 short days I will be running 13.1 miles. And honestly, I have to thank the members of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for inspiring me to run this race. When I first joined the sisterhood they announced their plan to participate in the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon with Team in Training to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I was familiar with TNT - in 2003 I actually signed up to do a triathalon but backed out because the fundraising seemed daunting. The ladies of the Sisterhood not only met their fundraising goal but exceeded it and completed the race!

I figured if they could do it, I could do it - there was a point when I didn't think I could lose 50 pounds but I did that, why not raise $4000 for a cause that is near to my heart. Well, I not only met my $4000 goal but I've surpassed it and after running 12 miles on Saturday I KNOW I will be completing the half-marathon next month. Of course, I am still challenging myself, I want to raise an addition $400 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. That is enough to cover the costs of one lab test for a leukemia/lymphoma patient. If you haven't already contributed I ask that you please do today by clicking HERE!


Becca said…
You are such an inspiration girl! Your positive attitude is wonderful and I love hearing about your progress each week!
Tracie said…
I know about that TOM. I'm already dreading it since lately I've been gaining weight during then instead of losing.
Jamee said…
You are such an inspiration! You go girl!
Carrie said…
Good luck with the challenge! And way to go on the 13.1, you will rock it.
Heather D said…
You are going to rock your 1/2! So proud of you!
erin said…
Thank you for the sweet comment! You will rock that half-marathon, I'm sure of it! <3
Week 1 is definitely the best time to have a spike in your weight lol! Great cause with the fundraiser too!
You are just so great!!

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do." Epictetus

Good luck with the challenge.
*Lissa* said…
Love your attitude!
Christie O. said…
i read your comment at the sisterhood and laughed because THAT'S ME TOO! I was thinking, sweet! more to lose for this week which means maybe i won't get kicked off!! hahahahha!

well anyways, good to have you on my team girlie! go over to the hood and join our group on the forum, we're chatting over there!! xo
Momstart said…
I love seeing your progress every week too. I also love how positive you are.
Bari said…
You are simply amazing! What you said about this community of support is so true. I know I couldn't do what I'm doing without you and the rest of my girls!
Tiffany said…
You are awesome! I love your consistently positive attitude and YES, you are going to ROCK your half marathon! What an amazing experience it will be for you!
Stillmary said…
50 pounds! You rock! What a great story - very inspiring.
I love coming and reading your posts because you have the attitude we all need. You're awesome and you are going to rock that 1/2!

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