Race Day Essentials - Vol. 2

I am pretty sure I am headed to Shrinkvivor Exile Island today. Training for a half-marathon usually doesn’t equal weight loss but I’m good. I’m still running and preparing for my race in 17 days. Since I’m maintaining my weight loss,  I’m happy. In the meantime, I want to share Volume 2 of my race day essentials series.

This race day essential again may not be for everyone but it is a must for me. Make-up. I know, I know, who is thinking about make-up when preparing to run 13.1 miles? Me! I like to put my best face forward and I wear a little make-up to ensure that I am always camera ready. I’m not talking about wearing full-on false eye-lashes(although if that is what you want to do by all means do so) but I do mean a bit of coverage.

For me, wearing make-up serves two purposes. One, my face is picture perfect and two I protect my skin. I use two types of make-up for my foundation - on the places on my skin where I have blemishes or hyper-pigmentation(dark spots) I use a full coverage foundation called Cover FX. 
This stuff is AMAZING! When I wear it you cannot tell that I have scarring at all. I only dot it on my trouble areas and the way the foundation is made, it is a perfect match. There are three different shades to apply.I use the lightest as a concealer and layer it with the darker colors to reach my natural skin tone. A primer, application brush and powder was included in my kit. I only use the powder on evenings out I know I am going to have that sweaty glistening glow race day so I don’t bother with powder when I run.

I then follow up with a tinted moisturizer by Lancome that has SPF15. The tint is just enough coverage without being too heavy. This combination is great for my skin, it stays in place even after long miles and my skin is protected from the sun. I love both of these products. Another staple is my Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptous waterproof mascara. I wore it the other day and a friend asked me if I had false eyelashes! I swear by Lash Stiletto and at only $8 or $9 a pop I think it is a great alternative to the pricier brands and just as effective.

So there you have it, day 2 I’m sharing with you my “vanity” race day essentials. Just because a girl is sporty doesn’t mean she can’t look good too!

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Disclosure: I received the Cover FX for review but this did not influence my opinion of the product if I didn’t like something about it you can be sure I’d tell ya!


MizFit said…
Girl Ive been reading your tweets and just wanted to say you ROCK.
Trish said…
Congrats on all that running! I hope to get there one day!

Christy M. said…
I lost ZERO when I was training for my first 1/2. Seriously. I think sometimes maintenance is what you have to accept! You are doing an amazing job, Renee, and I'm so proud of you!

I don't wear make-up when I run (although I probably should :), but I always, always have on SPF 55 on my face and body. I'm a fair girl, and have to make sure I don't burn!
erin said…
running a half marathon > weight-loss any day in my book! i hope to one day be there!
Bari said…
I'm with you on the makeup. A little mascara goes a long way to helping me feel better!
Wifey said…
I can't lie, when I run, most days I at least have on my concealer and eyeliner - gasp!

Winks & Smiles,
Great job on maintaining, lady! That's awesome!

And I'm in the no makeup camp over here so I'll just wave hi and go on my merry way... : )
Allison M. said…
i don't wear any make up but put on a good spf and aquaphor on my lips, i carry a little tube with me so my lips wouldn't get chapped. I also put it on my inner thighs and nipples because I people kept talking about chafing.
Lindsey said…
Love the makeup tips. Just went to buy the mascara -- there are three different brush types, which one do you get? Thanks!

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