I ran 12 miles!

On Saturday I ran 12 miles. Yup, I sure did - 12 miles! The longest distance I've ever run in my life! I did the group run with other Team in Training runners that are doing the Nike. Since we are all traveling together and are a “team” we group up by running style or times. I joined the 11 minute mile crew. I am sometimes faster, sometimes slower in my runs but this is a good average for me. A group of about 7 of us ran together and I have to admit it was nice having people to talk to. I didn’t listen to my iPod at all during the run. We did 6 minute run, 2 minute walk intervals (mostly) and we stopped at the water stations set up along the way. 

At times I would walk hills and then catch up with the group by running during their walk interval. But the heat kicked in at about mile 9 and I was truly hot and wanting the run to be over at mile 11. With a half-mile to go I stayed back from the group and finished at my own pace coming in with a time of 2 hours and 17 minutes. The weather conditions certainly make a difference! When I ran 10 miles the weather was perfect and I trotted the entire time the combination of hills and heat made my time much slower but honestly, I wasn’t running a race. I just wanted to complete the task at hand and I did. Plus, I haven’t run (or done any exercise) since August 31st(because of pain in my hip)so I’m actually quite proud of myself. 

Before the run I took one of my anti-inflammatories and did not have any pain. When I arrived home and took off my socks I was surprised by the very large blisters on both of my feet. Although I used my bodyglide, I did not wear my usual blister cushions and my feet suffered. Remarkably they didn’t hurt - thanks naproxen but they look pretty bad. 


Today the one on my right foot was painful! I have blood blisters on both feet but the right one is under a callous and I guess the extra pressure makes it hurt. Needles to say, I had to drain it by sterilizing a needle and puncturing a small hole in the blister. Of course I cleaned the area with alcohol first and after it drained I covered it with antiseptic and a band-aid (courtesy of Avery from the Social Luxe lounge at BlogHer. They gave away emergency packs that were filled with things that you might need. Love it!)

Needless to say, I’ve realized a couple of things about running. 

One - stick with the tried and true.
In the past I’ve run in Saucony. NEVER had a problem with them, no blisters no nothing but comfort. I did purchase a pair earlier this year but unbeknownst to me they were trail shoes and since I mostly run on the road or pavement I started to feel it in my shins so I moved to a road shoe- Nike Air Pegasus.  Nikes are cute, all sorts of colors and things but my feet are blistered and I can’t have that on long runs. Function over form is my motto and I gave Nike a chance but I’m returning to Saucony. 

Two - Running Socks are essential!
I know this from past experience and purchased a new pair of Thorolos. I have a pair from about 9 years ago but figured I needed to have at least two I could rotate. You may be thinking why not fourteen? Um, those suckers are EXPENSIVE! One pair runs between $12-14. But they last forever (I did just say I have a pair from 9 years ago)! However, returning to point one - I have to purchase a particular type - Thorolo crew socks. They have the most padding and although they are not the cutest socks in the world they get the job done. I tried the micro socks and they are not nearly as cushioned as the crews. Today I ordered 6 pair. I had to do it - especially since among my unpacked things from BlogHer10 I found a mystery amount gift certificate worth $10,25 or $50. Lo and behold mine was for $50! so I got 6 pairs for $16.00 (on sale for $66.00) and free shipping! Thanks Zappos (and I think the Social Luxe lounge)!

Finally, I’ve learned that I can do anything that I put my mind to doing. Not on my own but through Christ who strengthens me. When I ran alone on the road Saturday the song “He Wants it All” by Forever Jones was on constant replay in my head. I believe that by taking care of my body - the temple given by God to me, by raising money to find a cure for cancer and by sharing my journey with you I am giving God my all. And this keeps me going.


Meghan said…
Sister if I ran 12 miles I would have to be hospital. Wait, if I ran 50 ft I'd have to be hosptialize. Haha!

Congrats on the mileage.
You go!
Woot! Woot! Woot! Girl, you are amazing! 12 miles is an amazing accomplishment... and you have the blisters to prove it! (lol)

Way to go!!

wooohoo congrats on your 12 miles! I am so proud of you! I can't IMAGINE being able to do 12 miles yet.. I am still working on one.. haha! you are my inspiration!
wow those blisters looked painful! I didn't know about needing "running "socks! thanks for the tip. I've just been using ordinary socks.
go renee! so impressed...if I ever run 12 miles it will be a miracle! and I'm so excited for you that your zappos gift certificate was for $50...lucky you! so glad you made it to socialluxe this summer, we appreciate your support so much! and, seriously, good job on the run!!! :)
bookieboo said…
Doood, those blisters are scary looking. Actually, I've had something similar when I decided to do Tae Bo barefoot like all the other girls. Mistake. Blood blisters on the bottom of my feet that were so bad they were black. Yeah, bad. Anyways, I'm there with you too about the socks and shoes. Function is so important. XXOO
pauline said…
Color me impressed, chica. Holy Wow! Take care of yourself and those feet!
Laura said…
YAY for 12 miles1 That is insane! well to me it is! I can barely get through my 2 under 30minutes... so dang girl!

Yikes about your feet though! Hope they heal up soon!
gretablau said…
You are unstoppable!! Yes!! How is your hip feeling after that?

Can't wait until I get to that point. I think tomorrow I might get to 3.5 miles, which will be the longest I have ever run. I have the same attitude, get it done. Improving all the way!
Kimberly said…
Wow, no really, WOW! I am so inspired! Sorry about the blisters! I have heard great things about Thorolos. I will definitely be getting a pair, and I never thought of taking an anti-inflammatory before walking, I might try that this evening and see if I last longer!
Wow!! I am totally impressed! Especially since you had to take some time off.

Good for you for remembering the lessons that you learned along the way. I would say that those are some impressive socks if they last that long!!

Way to go on your 12 miles!
Rebecca B. said…
WAY TO GO on the 12 miles! I can't wait for the day when I can post that I did that!
lorrie said…
Wow thats awesome good for you at running, i know with my new shoes ive had to wear socks cause the few times I didn't i got my heels are skinned up and sore

have a great week
Rachel said…
I always love reading your posts -- you do SO MUCH! I want to get to that same point.

Congrats on the 12 mile run (but I am soooo sorry about those painful blisters!).
Marie said…
I love your posts too! You write so well! Also I bow down to you and your running ability! An inspiration, but man those blisters look painful. Take care of the feet and we'll see you next week! ;)
Momstart said…
you did such a great job. I'm amazed that anyone can run that far, I have always tried to run but I go about ten feet and then my body just thinks it can't breath and wants to walk
Anonymous said…
Add me to the list of TOTALLY impressed!!! I've been thinking about taking up running and after reading your post I'm thinking even more about it... I'll make a note to get some running socks though :) Great job!!!
kia said…
I have a sad face right now for your poor little tootsies and your hip. You are great at self-care though so I know you are top of taking care of them. Is your TNT group following The Galloway Method (run/walk for optimal recovery)? Have a great week and congrats on 12 miles... now keep that hip healthy.
keyalus said…
Congratulations on the 12 Mile Run! 13.1 is a done deal now because you got through 95% of it!

And I feel you on the heat! I'm in Atlanta too and my long run last Sunday was fabulous because of the weather. I did a 10 Mile Race on Saturday in Tucker and the heat was horrible! It made such a huge difference in my performance.
Stephanie said…
I feel your blister pain. I always used to get massive ones under the callus's on my toes and they just killed me. I wear a double sock from Running room and they are so perfect. Totally worth the price. Way to on with 12 miles. Wowzers that's awesome!
Wifey said…
Great job! How exciting! And, girl, the socks are essential! I learned the hard way, too!

Winks & Smiles,
That is fantastic! 12 miles. What an accomplishment. You are a long way from a 5K. Keep up the great work.
Yum Yucky said…
you're da bomb... although I've probably already told you that at some point already. Muwah!
Kristen Andrews said…
I could handle walking 12 miles but not running you go Renee, so proud of you.
Wow that is amazing. My friend runs like this all the time and I dont know how you ladies do it. I know I can do anything through Christ but this is something that I just dont have the desire to do so anyone who runs 12 miles is amazing in my book. Hope your feet get better.


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