The Countdown Begins

Unbelievably I have only 20 days until the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon in San Francisco. The race is less than 3 weeks away and I actually feel quite good. I have my race day essentials that I’m going to highlight in the upcoming weeks and my training is going well. Although because of my blisters I reduced my training to one long run on the weekends, my recent use of the 2nd skin blister kit has enabled me to run without blisters forming. So between now and race day I plan on running between 44-50 miles. I know I can do the full 13.1 but I want to get the running in so I don’t have any seriously sore muscles on race day.

The wonderful thing about running is that you can do it anywhere. There are really no excuses (other than injury) to keep you from running. This weekend I took an overnight trip to DC. The last long 12 mile run was scheduled for Saturday but I knew my schedule would not permit me to run that long. I debated about waiting until Sunday to run but figured I should try something new and run in DC.

My overnight bag was not much heavier with the addition of running shoes and my gear and as soon as I hit the hotel I went straight to my room and changed. It was fairly late when I arrived and I wanted to be able to run a decent length of time before the sun set. My hotel was right near Rock Creek Park where there is a running trail and I was off. I planned on running at least 6.5 miles to the Lincoln Memorial and back but really wanted to do more if time permited.

I started with a slow leisurely pace while carrying a bottle of water in one hand and my iPhone in the other. My tunes kept me going and having the water on hand was great for hydration (I left my water belt at home so I had to make do). My first stop was at the Potomac for a water break - both to drink and to view. It was so hot and humid that it was nice to be on the water and the view was lovely.

After running past the Kennedy Center I soon came upon the Lincoln Memorial. 

I had to stop for a picture of course and then kept going. I decided to run on the side of the reflecting pool toward the Washington Monument.

When I arrived at the end of the pool I viewed the display of states 
and a beautiful water show.

I started running faster because it was becoming dusk and I had four miles back to the hotel. By the time I got back to Rock Creek Park it was DARK! Not a good look - there are few lights on the parkway and sometimes I was running in the actual park away from the road.Scary. But I just said a little prayer and kept running. I ran so fast in fact that I caught a cramp in my left calf and had to walk the last half mile or so, in the dark.

But I arrived back to the hotel safely and I was proud of myself for getting the running in. After a quick shower I walked to Adams Morgan and had Ethiopian food at my favorite Ethiopian restaurant Meskereem. It was so good! And with the mile walk to the restaurant and back added an addition 2 miles so I got a total of 10.3 miles in on Friday. Not too shabby!

Yesterday I toughed it out and ran 4.1 miles in the rain around my neighborhood. It was a good training exercise, as a friend on twitter said- what happens if it rains race day? Best to be prepared!

Well, that is my update, I still am struggling to get water in but other than that things have been pretty good. I’m maintaining my weight loss and that makes me happy.


~Lori~ said…
You are a rockstar and truly inspirational!
Anonymous said…
You are stunning. Simply stunning.

And your run with all the photos is totally the reason I want to be a runner. Not so much because I love running, which I do not, but I love being able to be out SEEING. I don't know if that makes any sense. But it's the best way I can describe it.

Favorite post of the day. Thanks.
Becky Jane said…
To me running in the rain is a fun adventure...maybe I'm just a bit crazy...good luck with your blisters and training!
Becky Jane
Laila said…
Very much an inspiration! Best of luck to you with your training!
Lisa Johnston said…
WHOO! You go girl! How awesome is that?

That's very inspiring for those of us who often think we "can't"! Thanks for posting, and AWESOME pics.

Good luck with the next 20 days of training love!!

Marie @mkopp1 said…
What a wonderful run! DC is beautiful and to see it on foot like that would have been amazing. Good for you in making the decision to fit that in during your trip!
Stephanie said…
I love the scenic views outdoor running gives you. There's so much undiscovered world out there and what better way to find it than a nice long run! Glad the feet are doing a bit better.
Anonymous said…
such a beautiful post - i love the pics of course but I also love that in reading your post I kept thinking that someday I'll feel the exhilaration of seeing places in a way that only runners can. you are such a lovely person and inspiration!
gretablau said…
Wow!! I love that run. Sounds beautiful! Love the pics too. So excited for you with the half!! Can't wait to hear about that too!
danielle said…
You are so amazing! I can't even imagine running that much! And let me just say, you look great in that picture of yourself mid-run!
You're awesome! 2nd Skin is my BFF :) Great job on your run - good luck in the half marathon!!
bookieboo said…
Yeah, I saw your tweet about running in the rain. You are hard core girl. I don't even do stuff in the rain. LOL XXOO
kia said…
Thanks for taking us on your running tour. I once had 2 days to kill in DC between conferences and kayaked up the Potomac. Man did I enjoy seeing a DC most people miss.

Anyway 2 1/2 weeks til Nike and a hot fireman giving you a Tiffany & Co. necklace. WOOHOO!!!
You look fantastic!!!!!!! You are working hard and inspiring others. Thank you.
lorrie said…
that is awesome thanks for taking us along on your run and good luck at your half marathon, i haven't rain in a few years due to ankle injury. the last time i tried to run was a half year after my injury and i messed up might try again soon not sure

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