Monday, September 20, 2010

Eating healthy when on the road

I am typing this from my comfy bed in my hotel room. I am on a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles with EA SPORTS Active working on an upcoming campaign. The details are top secret but believe me, this is a good one! I am only here overnight - I arrived yesterday and am leaving this afternoon. I’m not venturing far from the hotel but I’ve certainly learned a great deal while I’ve been here.

First, flying Delta there are some good options for eating. In coach there are healthy choice snack packs that include dried apricots, sahale snacks, chocolate chip cookies made with organic wheat flour (okay, not exactly healthy but the bit sized cookies can be a treat), hummus and pita chips. My seatmate Adam had the snack pack and I did try one of the mini-cookies, it was pretty good - thanks Adam! And speaking of Adam, I had the most pleasant trip with him as a travel partner. I generally don’t talk to people when I’m flying but Adam started a conversation with me by admiring all of my tech gadgets(iPhone, iPad and laptop) and we soon discovered we have a lot in common.

Anyhow, instead of a snackpack, I had fruit slices - apples and grapes. Before leaving home I’d also made my own trail mix and I snacked on that during the flight. When I arrived at the hotel I had a very rich meal - lobster and flounder served over a butternut squash custard and steamed veggies.  

Owly Images
I also indulged in a roll with truffle butter. The portions were small and although the food was rich, I figure a splurge every now and then is okay. I am however now convinced that I have to stick to wheat and gluten free eating. My body does not respond well at all and I spent a good half-hour after eating walking to settle my stomach after my meal.

This morning I’m having a great breakfast of steel cut oats, with raisins and brown sugar, fresh fruit, an egg (for protein) and chamomile tea. I really didn’t eat the egg, I was too full after eating the delicious oats. When I am at the photo shoot today I will also make healthy choices, I’ll be looking for fruit and water to drink. since I’m going to be with a professional athlete I’m sure there will be great food choices.

This week I ran 8 miles on Saturday and since I was trail running I wore my Saucony runners (my new ones haven’t arrived yet). I was hopeful that after putting on body glide and wearing my think Thorlo socks my blisters wouldn’t act up. I was wrong. My blister on my left foot flared up and my right did too but I ran despite the pain. When I got home my feet looked a mess. On twitter someone recommended 2nd skin blister treatment so I am waiting on my kit to arrive. This weekend I have 12 miles scheduled and it is the last long run before the Nike Half Marathon so I’d like to get it in!

Well, I guess I better get ready for the rest of my day. I can’t wait until I can tell you all about it!


Beth M said...

Great tips! I had oatmeal while traveling last week. It is a good on the road choice for sure!!

YUMMama said...

I gave you a blog award!

Kelly Deneen said...

Hope you enjoy your trip! And I hope the blisters don't give you too much grief. :)

*Lissa* said...

That food looks delicious! You are such a tease! I want to know what you are up to in L.A. :)

lorrie said...

wow thats awesome, way to take charge of your diet and workout when you weren't in home enviroment

I so need to do that i tend to fall apart when i go away but i know Im going to get better

Marie said...

I hope those blisters heal up fast! Nice meal choices while out on Business. Great job this week. Here is to next week!!

gretablau said...

OK I"m very curious!!! So cool you get to do that! Can't wait to hear about it.

12 miles!! you go!! and that breakfast looks DELISH.

kia said...

Have a good photo shoot, I have been following your tweets about it. I hope you get those pesky blisters figured out soon. I have no doubt you'll find what works for you.

Alyssa said...


I met you in Nashville at Blissdom 2009. WOw you have transformed since then. I am very impressed.

I am just starting Mamavation more to "get healthy and fit" than to lose pounds. I'd like to lose some baby fat from 3 babies...tone up the middle and make healthier choices. You are an inspiration!

Laila said...

That food definitely looks good, and thanks for the tips.

mozzie76 said...

WOW I'm amazed at how delish those pictures looked! I actually just bought some steel cut oats at the store and haven't had them yet - they looked so good in the pic, I'm thinking that might be breakfast tomorrow! By the time you read this, I think you'll have already left LA so I hope you had a GREAT time and I can't wait to learn more!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm totally excited to see what the big hush, hush is all about!!

Hope those blisters heal up in time for the big race!

Anonymous said...

Great story in the AJC this morning, congrats!

Petula said...

I can't wait to hear about it! Cool.

@PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Thanks for the tips! Good luck this week.

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