True Confessions Tuesday

My confessions this week are all positive. I love that! 
  • I ran 18.3 miles last week, my longest run was 6 miles and I did it painfree!
  • I have been sticking to my Clean program and haven't had the desire to veer off of it. 
  • My sweet tooth has diminished considerably, the sweetest think I have now is fruit. I don't even like stevia to sweeten my tea. 
  • I am seriously contemplating living a Clean lifestyle after the detox is over. Specifically, I think I am going to give up wheat, gluten, and dairy forever. I'm saying this here so I stay accountable. I know that this is a difficult decision because I love bread, cheese and greek yogurt. 
  • I have found some great resources for wheat free/ gluten free recipes and I know I can make my own bread easily so I have no excuses! 
  • When I finish my cleanse, I am going to eat this French Toast breakfast sundae because it looks so delicious (I'll be using WF/GF bread of course!)
  • I've raised $4060 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! My goal was $4000 but now I want to keep going. My new goal is $4900 I'd love it if you'd donate here.
  • I am wearing my size 6 Miracle Body jeans comfortably (thanks to Audrey & Vera of Getting Gorgeous I got a pair at the event) and I feel great! 
And those are my confessions for this week. Check in with me tomorrow, I have something big to announce!


Christie O. said…
wow!! i love it when they're all good confessions!!! great job! (wish mine were all good! LOL)
Anonymous said…
Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!

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