Ten Miles!

On Sunday I ran ten miles. Ten Miles! Last August I would have laughed for hours if you even suggested that I'd run double digit miles but today I did it with ease. I actually ran for almost two hours straight! I took my time and my only goal was to finish. Since I ran 8 miles last week I figured I'd be able to add two more. Not only did I add two more miles but I truly ran the entire way! I walked to warm up at the beginning and walked to drink some water and fix my iPhone but otherwise my feet were running. I wasn't even tired. 

I think the weather certainly helped, it wasn't humid at all and it wasn't that hot. The slight breeze made a big difference. My half-marathon is on October 17th in San Francisco and I know there will be similar weather conditions so I am actually looking forward to the run - hills and all. Speaking of hills, I tackled every hill today and ran each one! I am still thinking about my race day strategy, I'm not sure if I will do a timed run/walk like 5 min run, 1 min walk or just play it by ear. I'm going to train both running the entire way and doing a combo to see which I like better. Based on today's run I know I can run the entire half-mile but it is entirely possible that I will have a faster time doing a run/walk combo. I'll figure that out later, right now I am basking in completing a ten mile run. Relatively pain free!

I did take an anti-inflamatory before my run because I didn't want to irritate my hip. That was early this morning and I haven't taken another. I have been having a problem with blisters on my feet right on my bunions and when I stopped by the running store they suggested I use Body Glide. This stuff works! No blistering today and I will always keep it in my arsenal! 

After my run I actually got dressed took my son and his best friend to church, enjoyed service and after service auditioned for the choir. Busy day. I did nap when I got home this afternoon but I think my being tired was a result of going to bed late last night with nervous anticipation of my run and the audition at church. 

Today is the last day of my Clean Program. My meal today was dinner since we were out this afternoon and making a shake was easier for lunch because I had to defrost the salmon for my meal. After my nap I prepared the salmon by adding sea salt, juice of half a lemon, Mrs. Dash, rosemary, garlic powder, and other spices. I let that marinate for about ten minutes and then broiled it. I also made quinoa - it packs a ton of protein , and seasoned the water to add great flavor. Finally, I prepared collard greens with onions, apple cider vinegar and spices. The meal is completely clean and so delicious. I look forward to leftovers tomorrow.

Although technically my Clean detox is over, I do plan on having at least one protein shake daily. Most likely for breakfast but maybe for lunch or dinner. I am keeping to the no wheat or gluten and trying to really limit my soy intake. In addition to the shakes from the Clean Program I've been introduced to the SoCal Cleanse shakes made from hemp protein which I think I will try too! Or maybe I will win some from Mamavation!
I just want to leave a word of wisdom with you - the only limitations we have are the ones that we put on ourselves. You can do ANYTHING that you put your mind to doing. I never believed I could run double digits, complete a half-marathon or stay committed to being wheat and gluten free. And I certainly never though I'd lose over 50 pounds! I've done or am in the process of doing all of these things. Removing the emotional clutter and self-doubt has enabled me to do great things. And you can too!


Laila said…

WOW @ running 10 miles that is amazing! I recently walked 4 miles and I never thought I'd do that so I agree that the only thing that is stopping me on my journey is me!

I've been reading up on the Clean program after reading your blog. I am going to read the book and then I might purchase the products.

Your dinner looked GOOD! I am trying to incorporate more fish into my diet.
Stephanie said…
Oh wow! Way to go on the run today. What a great feeling to finish a run upright! The Glide is the best. The double socks are good too if they sell them at your local running store.
*Lissa* said…
Congrats on your awesomeness! ;) Happy to hear you are mostly pain-free!
kia said…
LOL on the Body Glide. I tore up my thigh the week before last with a running skirt and have been wearing that stuff since. Ouch! You can move mountains woman. First you lost 50, then you ran 10, can't wait to see what is next!
bookieboo said…
I'm so incredibly proud of you. That is just amazing. 10 miles. I still haven't made it that far.

I was laughing about that chaff gel. I was sent something like that a while ago but from a different company. I haven't had a chaffing problem for a long time. I used to get it really bad on the inside of my thighs. Thank God that is gone.

Anyways, you make me so proud! XXOO
Ivette said…
Congrats on running 10 miles! That's amazing! I am so happy for all that you have accomplished and you look great!

Keep up the hard work and I can't wait to see what you do next!

Amanda said…
10 miles is amazing! And girl, you look good for just finishing 10 miles! I'd look like I was hit by a train, lol!

Keep up the good work, your going to rock that half!!!
Anonymous said…
That's amazing! Great job!
Anonymous said…
That's amazing! Great job!
Kimberly said…
10 miles is a huge accomplishment! Way to go!
Congrats on 10 miles! I can't wait till I get there. If you had to give a semi newbie runner one piece of advice what would it be?? Keep up the hard work!
woohoo WAY TO GO GIRL!! you are totally awesome and totally inspire me to be committed and do better!
good job, and thanks for the comment on my blog! :-) Keep reaching for the stars!
Joanna said…
Way to go! 10 miles, that is so awesome! Good luck on your half-marathon, that is so exciting! I also love your sports bra review - they are so darn important and I hate having to buy a bunch of different ones only to find I hate them. You are so awesome! I hope you have a great day, and I'm looking forward to tweeting with you!

Lisa Johnston said…
You are officially my hero of the week! How awesome!!! I'm so proud of your accomplishments!

When will you hear about choir audition?

How exciting for you! :) That meal looks and sounds soooooo yummy!!! :)

Have a wonderful week, love!

Lisa - @ljenator
Woohoo!!! Ten miles is AWE.SOME! What a great role model you are - for your son AND for us. Can't wait til I can I say that I ran 10 miles. Soon!
lorrie said…
wow great job so proud of ya for doing that 10 miles i hope you have a great week ahead of you

motivation present
gretablau said…
I am in awe!! You look so happy and beautiful after your run! There is absolutely nothing that can take the place of such huge accomplishments and knowing that YOU did it. So impressed!! And inspired.

I would like to one day be able to do that too. First, 5K, then 4 miles, then 5. I'll get there too!! I'll have to check out that glide stuff. I've been getting a weird abrasion on my foot from my shoes. Thanks!!

Good luck with the choir!
Jennifer Brandt said…
You are seriously inspiring me! Way to go Renee!!
Angela said…
I'm very impressed that you ran TEN miles!! You are going to rock your half marathon.
All I can say is WOW!!! You are truly AMAZING!!! You keep rockin!! Someday I will be able to run 2 miles.
Wifey said…
*insert applause here* Isn't it just an amazing feeling! So happy for you.

Winks & Smiles,
Whoot Whoot! ----->insert happy dance here<-------

I have hip pain too from running and just bought a foam roller last night. I strongly recommend those. It's awesome.

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