Pure Decadence Homemade Wheat free gluten free bread

I am technically finished with the Clean Program 21 day detox however I still have plans to live a relatively “clean” life. I have been waiting patiently to make my wheat free/gluten free bread and subsequently the French Toast Sundae that I imagined would playfully dance across my taste buds.

Yesterday I made the bread - it smelled delicious and looked great too! It is mostly clean although I did use eggs to make it so not entirely diary free but I have no problem with eggs. If I decide to give them up I can always use an egg replacer and instead of milk or water I used almond milk in the recipe which was simple.  The flour, yeast, milk, olive oil and 2 eggs. That is it. Mix it, let it rise for 30 -40 minutes and bake. The one thing I’ve discovered is that if making bread is going to be a regular thing I have to either buy a bread machine or a heavy duty mixer like the Kitchen Aid upright. My 35 year old mixer that I inherited from my mom can’t withstand the dough mixing. 

The bread is a winner! It tastes so good and my son obviously likes it. This is major people, my son rarely eats anything. Seriously. But he loves the bread!

I took it a step further and immediately started making my French Toast Sundae. I was inspired by the recipe on the Healthy Tipping Point but as usual I spiced things up a bit. Instead of simply dredging the bread in plain egg, I added vanilla almond milk, cinnamon and nutmeg. Between the slices I spread a tablespoon of almond butter and then placed the entire thing in the oven to bake for 20 minutes.

For the topping I made this delicious ice cream substitute - creamy frozen bananas. Diary free, lactose free and simply delicious! I had frozen a small cut up banana the other day.  I placed it in my food processor for a few minutes until creamy  and it was so good! I also made a chocolate topping using agave nectar and cocoa powder. 

I said it was decadent! And it was.Totally and completely delicious! Although it is said that this is a breakfast food, it is too rich for me. I enjoyed mine as an after lunch treat. In the future I will probably just use one piece of bread and 1/2 tablespoon of almond butter. It is so rich and I don’t need to eat that much of it. I guess eating this negates all the calories I burned running 10 miles - not! Everything in moderation. Next time I want a sundae I’ll turn to my half-portion French Toast Sundae! 

*Sadly, I checked the ingredients list again and this mix has whey and skim milk so if you are looking for a dairy free mix this is not it.


blueviolet said…
It sure does look fantastic!
*Lissa* said…
I was going to ask if you have a bread machine, so thanks for answering that! ;p I have never made any sort of bread, maybe if I had a Kitchen-Aid or something I would! This looks delicious!
Heather D said…
I love to make bread. I've even done it by hand - the kneading and punching is kind of therapeutic!
I bought rice flour the other day, I need to get on the internets and search for a scratch bread recipe. The rice bread I bought the other day was gawd awful, kind of sour tasting, but not good sour like sourdough.
And french toast sundae? SHUT UP. That sounds heavenly right about now!!
I make a lot of bread in the bread machine and with the kitchen aid. I have not attempted gluten free. There are tons of great recipes out there and they are fun to try. Today I am making graham flour bread. It is made to taste like the cracker and it is great toasted.
Anonymous said…
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