I have been very public about my journey to healthy living. The good, bad and the ugly. I find that being transparent helps me and others to understand that it ain't easy but it can be done. I post updates here,  on facebook, twitter and the dailymile. I have so many people and places to keep me accountable and honestly I don't know how many people pay attention. Sometimes I get big surprises in my inbox - check out what I received yesterday:

August 25th
Subject: Hello
From: Ethel

You are making me wish I was young again and running them paths along with you(lol) But you can still give me credit for working out at the gym twice a week while looking 97 in the face as of October 15th and yes I get on them exercise balls and mats right along with the 60 year olds. We even go to the strength machines and no you don't hear me huffing and puffing. I am proud of you take care and be blessed Ethel

Re: Hello
From: Renee

Hi Ms Ethel!
I wish you could run with me. You certainly are an inspiration! You get major points for exercising with the 60 year olds and wanting to run with this 40 year old!

You truly are an inspiration and proof that you are never too old for exercise. Young people these days have no excuses.

Do you mind if I quote you in a blog post? I think you words can inspire so many people!


Re: Hello
From: Ethel
Not at all I am a firm believer that "age is just a state of mind and if you don't mind it doesn't matter" I also still drive myself to my four Senior organizations and my current driving license is good for 5 years so I can still drive until I am 100 yrs old.I thank God for being in good health. My aunt passed at 104 and my sister just passed on Christmas day 3 days short of 100 . Be blessed


I had to share this with you. Ms. Ethel is my childhood friend's grandmother and we are friends on facebook. Yes, she is 96 years old and yes she still EXERCISES, DRIVES and keeps up with the 60 year olds. What is your excuse? You have none! If she can do it, so can you. Now get out there and MOVE!!! 


Talibah said…
Um...*and* she's on Facebook?! No excuses.
Kirsten said…
Love her. Thanks for sharing her insight with us!
blueviolet said…
It's never too late, she's right!
thanks for sharing.. very inspiring, 96 WOW.. god bless her.. i definitely have no excuse
She is officially the coolest grandmother EVER! How awesome is she!?

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