I'm Back!

I can't even begin to tell you everything that I've done over the past few days in one blog post!  I've done the following things in less than seven days - I attended a Fela! a musical on Broadway, I visited the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge in NY, I was a VIP at The Today Show, I attended a ton of parties, gave tours of the fabulous Walmart sustainability booth at BlogHer, and was interviewed for a feature on Momversations.com. Oh, and I attended my family reunion that I've been planning for the past two years! Can you say BUSY?!!!

And how could I forget to tell you that despite the madness and hectic schedule, I STILL found time for exercise! I did the elliptical on Tuesday, on Wednesday and Thursday I walked the streets in Manhattan - instead of cabbing it or taking the subway, on Friday I ran the BlogHer 5K for Tanner in my tutu, and on Saturday I did my longest run 6 miles with Team in Training. Yesterday I cross trained and did No More Trouble Zones with Jillian Michaels. Today, I will rest! 

This week, I'll be blogging about my New York experience and BlogHer but for a little taste of the scene at BlogHer, here is my interview at the PepsiCo Booth. 


Becky Jane said…
Great interview...you are so beautiful!
Allison M. said…
You look great and terrific interview!

I've stayed at a Hope Lodge before in Cleveland and it was a life saver for my family. It was a great place to stay during my dad's treatment.
Momstart said…
Reading your post makes me realize I have to stop with the excuses when it comes to working out. WOW, I'm impressed you did all that exercising.

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