Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Down and Dirty in 30 - Weigh-IN

I am an optimist. You know the one that looks at a glass as half-full instead of half-emtpy? So, I am going to start by saying - I lost 6 pounds! Yeah! The bad news - I now weigh 159.8 which means that I was in the 160s. I suppose the lack of moving finally caught up to me. But I have more good news - I've been able to run! Since last Friday I've run 17 miles and (mostly) without pain! That is truly something to celebrate.

This Down and Dirty challenge with the Sisterhood is a group challenge and I feel like I've let my team down BUT I will make up for it. I promise. I foresee a big weight loss next week.  I am currently on day 3 of the Clean Program and I am pretty sure that I will be losing more weight on this detox. And since I am only eating one meal a day, I have been more mindful of my water intake. I still need to work on it but I am doing better.

The food I've been preparing has been great (if I may say so myself)! I made fish curry on Monday, yesterday I made falafels from lentils and served it in romaine lettuce. Today I'll have falafel again. I've also discovered the joy that is almond butter and almond crackers. YUM.

On this detox there is no wheat, gluten, diary, nightshade veggies, oranges, beef or pork. The last two are not a problem because I don't eat them. I drink a shake in the morning and in the evening that is made from rice protein and I take a ton of supplements. So far so good, I'll let you know how it goes next week.


*Lissa* said...

Why no oranges or nightshade veggies? What ARE nightshade veggies?? ;)

You lost half your gain and that is awesome! Keep it up, girl!

HOORAY for pain-free running!

The Mom said...

Way to go for running! That is awesome! I'm going to check out that program you were talking about. The link didn't work from your post, but I googled it instead. Sounds interesting!

Bari said...

I may need to detox after next week :) Keep up the good work and the weight you gained will be gone in no time!

Mommy Mo said...

Awesome job, girl! The weight will continue to come off, I am sure of it. AND, I am so happy for you to be back to running- that is awesome, awesome, awesome, and so are you.

Heather D said...

First of all, you HAVE NOT let the team down. So don't fret about that.
And hooray for pain free running! That is the best feeling, coming off an injury. Woot!

Brooke said...

i bet it felt great getting back at it! :) you can't win 'em all - but getting healthy enough to start back training is a huge victory!

Deb said...

Pain free running and a loss!!! Two great things to celebrate.

Christie O. said...

Yes, keep us posted, that sounds like a really great way to detox! Congrats on the loss and the miles logged!!!!

xristinejoyce said...

That's a great loss and I have faith you will continue to lose!! ;) Congrats on being able to run - that must feel sooooo good!

xristinejoyce said...

That's a great loss and I have faith you will continue to lose!! ;) Congrats on being able to run - that must feel sooooo good!

Allison M. said...

Training is different for everyone but I did find that running a 10 miler prior to my 1/2 both helped and hurt me.

Helped because I finished it, running the whole way and hurt me because I didn't run more than 6-7 until the race which was 2 weeks later.

Also, scope out the course. People talked about the "hill" at the end and seriously, they weren't kidding.

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