Down and Dirty in 30 - week 4 (vlog)

This week has gone really well. I’ve been fluctuating with 1-2 pounds of extra weight (I’m a chronic weigher, I weigh myself daily many times more than once) but I am not worried because it is water weight. I am on my third week of the Clean program and am proud to say that when I traveled to Birmingham this weekend I stuck to the program!

Sadly, when I went to the movies on Monday with my son I had popcorn and candy so I did falter but I dusted myself off. The lesson learned - always have snacks on hand so I am not tempted! I really am going to take the wheat-free gluten free plunge. I cannot wait until next week when I make my first batch of WF/GF bread! I picked up some at Whole Foods - pricey so I am going to investigate making my own blend at a later date.

I finished up my vanilla Clean Shake so now I am on chocolate. OH Em Gee! Why didn’t I start with the chocolate? It is delicious! I mix it with coconut milk and a few blueberries, it is so good. I was a little afraid because chocolate is not my favorite but am pleasantly surprised that I like the chocolate more than the vanilla.

I know after the Clean detox I will be making shakes for breakfast. I just like the feeling of being light but also full. Protein does that for ya. As far as my weight goes, I am at 149 same as last week and I know I have to get better at drinking water. Getting in the water on a daily basis is my biggest challenge.

Speaking of water, on my 6 mile run this morning I used my new water belt. It went pretty well. There was no moving, I was able to store my iPhone and chapstick in the pouch and with 3 bottles full I didn’t find it heavy. I positioned the bottles on my back - two horizontal and one vertical. I actually think I like the vertical placement the best. I still have to get used to removing the bottles from the holders but once I master that I think I will be golden. No more parched mouth on my runs!

This weekend I am running 10 miles. My longest yet. I am not sure if I will be able to keep up with my running friends but I am going to try. I know they are going to push me with the six minute run one minute walk intervals but I will be sure to let you know how it goes!

And that is my update for this week. Oh and it is official, I have my ticket for Miami so I will be wearing that bikini on this blog very very soon!


Brooke said…
you'll have to let us know how the fuel belt does on the 10 miler! great job :)
Wow Renee! You're doing awesome. I'm so proud of you for all the positive changes you're making in your life. You're a changed woman!!

I love my fuel belt (water belt) for longer runs. Honestly, I couldn't make it without in on runs longer than 6 miles, and especially in this heat. It takes some practice getting the bottles in and out. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped one (including during my 1/2 marathon)!!

Have an awesome week!
Kirsten said…
You are doing great! I'm glad that the cleanse is working so well for you. And the lack of mucus? Makes me want to look into going gluten-free thought it's a mindset I'm not prepared to change. Maybe at some point. I'll be interested in hearing about the book. (I'd say I'd get it and read it too, but my free time is all but null and void right now!
april said…
You are a rock star. That is all. :)
Heather D said…
I'm doing the cleanse, though I think I'm going to just do the shakes for breakfast. But I just went shopping today and got all my gluten free stuff. Really excited, and so glad to see it worked so well for you!!
Anonymous said…
Great job on maintaining this week! You are doing awesome!
Kaya said…
Great work! Jenny tells me you are doing fantastic. :)

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