Down and Dirty in 30 - Week 3

I'm Down w/the SisterhoodToday I weigh 149 pounds.  Do you know what that means? This is the first time in ten years that my weight has been in the 140s. It also means that I have met my goal of losing 50 pounds, I’ve lost a grand total of  53 pounds! I know it sounds like a lot of weight because it certainly is. If you had asked in my younger years if I ever thought I’d be able to lose 50 pounds I would have said no - because I’d never thought I’d gain that much weight. And then, life happens. I think the magnitude of the weight loss is best seen in pictures

This is me in May 2009.

This is me the first week of December, a week after I started my journey to healthy living (I’d already lost 8 pounds in this picture).

And this is me today, wearing the same clothes that I had on in December. A size large yummie tummie and a size 16 pair of jeans.

Look at all this space!

And, and! Here I am today wearing my current size 6 jeans by Miracle Body (they say they make you look 10 pounds smaller) and a medium top by BCBG.

I am thankful that I have friends that love fashion. 

Audrey and Vera had the Getting Gorgeous Event at BlogHer and I was given these jeans there. This is important to note because my size changes so frequently that it is difficult for me to shop and not feel like I am wasting money. I have a pair of pants I bought while at BlogHer that no longer fit! I don’t see myself going smaller than a size 6 - the Miracle Body jeans are forgiving (love that spandex) and suck in the jiggly bits but I certainly need a wardrobe improvement. Luckily for me I have clothes coming from Haute Look (my top was only $19 originally $44) an online store that sells discounted designer clothing. I won a $100 giftcard from them at BlogHer! 

Overall I am happy to celebrate this milestone.  I still have my bikini that I plan on wearing to South Beach in October and I will be sure to post those pictures too. In the meantime I am going to bask in my success, thank you for all of your wonderful support because really, none of this would have been possible without you.You’ve kept me accountable. You’ve cheered me on. You’ve cheered me up when I felt down. You called me beautiful even at my heaviest. You are golden!



You are so inspiring, Renee! Congratulations!!!

And when I saw you rocking' that Gwen Yummie Tummie I was in awe of how amazing you look. I am so proud of you! You definitely inspire me to do more!
Wifey said…
Kudos! What a HUGE accomplishment. You should be really proud!

Winks & Smiles,
*Lissa* said…
WOW, Renee! You are BEAUTIFUL! So proud of you!
Brooke said…
you look incredible!! :) just look at how your old jeans pool at your feet b/c you don't have the booty to hold them up any more!!! :) congrats.
Lori said…
So freakin' proud of you Renee. You make me feel like I can do it. I guess I need a plan, a good plan.

Keep it up woman. You are an inspiration to us all!
Holy crap - you look awesome!

Way to go! What a great inspiration!
Amy Bennett said…
That's awesome! You look amazing! Congrats!
Rachel said…
AMAZING, Renee -- congratulations. :)
Holy cow! You look absolutely amazing! You are such an inspiration! You go girl!
Mom2anutball said…
You seriously look amazing!
Everytime I read your posts I think that I need to get my butt in gear lol, I think it may just happen now!
What an amazing accomplishment, you rock!
whall said…
Wow, many congrats to you!
Becca said…
You look amazing!
Mommy Mo said…
Renee, I always thought you were beautiful but now, you are a KNOCKOUT! Awesome, awesome, awesome.
WOW, You look great!! You are doing a Rockin job!!
Kirsten said…
You have made such a difference in just over a year. You've come a long way, baby! Congrats on hitting the 50# mark AND surpassing it! You look great, and I can't wait to meet you in just over 8 weeks!
~Mendie~ said…
See my tweet yesterday was spot on! You are fabulous and I am so happy that you reached your milestone! You are a wonderful example of what happens when you make good decisions!

Kerry said…
Amazing, Renee! You look fabulous (and not just because of the HauteLook shoutout!) Cheers -- Kerry
Emily McKhann said…
Wow, you are so gorgeous AND inspiring!!!!!! Congratulations on hitting the big 5-0!!!!
Stillmary said…
Congratulations! I'm in awe! You look beautiful which only adds to the inspiration that you are! Great, great job!
Beki said…
Renee - you look fantastic! Congratulations on reaching your goal! I love the pictures! You are beautiful and look very happy!

You are truly an inspiration!

Allison M. said…
this is amazing news!
wow!!! you are looking awesome. I am pregnant right now (26 weeks today!) Hoping to get back on track. Can you tell me what you've done. I have realized with this pregnancy and being overweight that I've GOT to take control of my life! ugh I just sick of feeling horrible about my body! any advice would be appreciated.
Bacardi Mama said…
You are so amazing. You are my inspiration to get the same thing done. There isn't a reason why I can't. You look so wonderful. You must be so happy!!
Yum Yucky said…
Comments from my teenage daughter: " wow..she looks good".

Hi five!! :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats! You are an inspiration!

Every time I read your blog I am inspired by you.
Bren said…
Fantastic!!! I'm totally sharing this with my mother tonight so she can be inspired to do it, too! I swear I want this for her so badly. Thanks for sharing your story! And congrats, congrats, congrats!
Lucretia said…
You are awesome and inspiring my friend.
I still have a long road to go - but you are on my list of "women who inspire me" :)
carolpie said…
Pretty then and pretty now, but let me say ooh lala! You should be very proud of your work and you look smokin' in your jeans!
Congratulations! You look amazing! It was even more evident in person at BlogHer compared to when I met you in person in August of 2009! Amazing and inspirational!
You're just awesome and I love your whole transformation:):) Your successes encourage me to go after my goals!
Anonymous said…
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CailinMarie said…
good for you!
wow. okay - gonna have to get back on the band wagon now.
and in the meantime - I'm having my first sponsored giveaway - please stop by!
Momstart said…
What a great job you did! You look great and are a true testament to taking care of your body!
A. Smith said…
Wow, you look fantastic! Way to go - thanks for the inspiration :)
Renee, you look AMAZING! Good for you!! Those pictures truly are worth a thousand words!

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