Down and Dirty in 30 - Shrinking Jeans Check -In

I'm in a New York state of mind! I'm here in NYC for the BlogHer10 conference but I wanted to quickly check in with the Sisterhood. I will say I am holding steady at 154. I plan on indulging tremendously while I am here, eating and drinking. However, I will also be exercising! As a matter of fact, yesterday I walked over 5 miles and I am out the door to the gym right now. 

Just wanted to post a quick and dirty update for the down and dirty in 30 challenge!


Bari said…
Have a great time in New York beautiful Renee!
I am looking forward to piggin' out as well, lol. Lookin' good, you know it. See you tomorrow :).
Christy M. said…
I hope you have an amazing time, Renee! I'm enjoying following your tweets about your trip, and wish I was there with you. Next year, I promise we'll be there together!

Enjoy your indulgences girl, and have a fabulous time!!
Heather D said…
Have the BEST time. Enjoy every bite!!
The Newsham's said…
Have a great time in NYC!!

Jennifer in TX

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