The Best Sports Bra ever!

On Monday I went to my local running store and purchased a water belt and I also purchased a Sports Bra. I've mentioned in the past that my girl's need serious support and as I've been shrinking - well the girl's have too. But they are far from small - I wear a 32 or 34 DD so I need serious support. Most of my old sports bras don't fit and since I was in a running store I figured I'd find a bra that works. I was NOT disappointed!

I found Moving Comfort and fell in love. The first bra I tried on - Juno- it was immediate love. The girl's DO NOT MOVE! I also like that there is no underwire - this means I will probably only use it for exercise but that is okay with me. I have another sports bra with underwire that I like and can wear when I want the girl's to be especially perky! LOL

The bra is $52.00 and was 25% off, I was just about to lay down the cash when I looked at the sale rack and found a Fiona bra for 40% off.

Needless to say, Fiona is now in my collection! I think I'm going back before the sale ends on Saturday to get the Juno and in the meantime I've been entering Carolyn's giveaway to win one!


Chris Brown said…
No underwire, yeah. Nothing is worse than underwire and sweating at a workout to me.
thanks for the tip!
Shelby said…
These are the best looking sports bra that I have ever seen! They look like they would give great support for working out in!

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