8 miles!

This is me after finishing my 8 mile run yesterday ..did you hear me? I ran (okay walked and ran) 8 miles yesterday! I've never gone that far in my life. But as the date of the half-marathon approaches, my weekend long runs are becoming longer and longer. This Saturday I'm scheduled to run 10 miles. Double digits! Am I ready? Of course. Worst case scenario I walk some. I can tell you that as I add miles the thing that I notice is my calves get tight. I am sure to stretch after my runs so that I don't experience any unneccesary pain. 

Overall I felt pretty good during my run however the one thing that kept me from running longer was the fact that I was quite thirsty. I mean so thirsty that my lips were dry and I was trying to make moisture with my mouth. I was hoping for water fountains around every corner but I was teased because it seemed like every fountain was broken! 

Of course, I had to ask my running friends what they suggested for long runs. Some folks like handheld water bottles and others like belts. I really don't like to hold anything in my hands so I've decided to try a water belt. I went with the amphipod RunLite 

I'm going to try it out in the morning and I'll let you know how it goes. I am pretty sure that it will work for me the belt is bounce-free and you can change the bottles to a horizontal orientation. Plus I can hold my iPhone in the pouch. I am hopefully that I've found my solution for hydrating on the go. Since this baby costs me $40.00  I am going to make it work!  


*Lissa* said…
Good job!!

I use this for my runs over 6 or so miles: http://www.fuelbelt.com/TNT/tnt.html
Bari said…
You are my running hero! I like that you can change the orientation of your bottles. My arm sometimes bumps mine, but I also paid about 40 bucks, so I'm making mine work as well :)

BTW-How are you so much farther in your training than me when our races are on the same day? I have 6's this week and next, then 2 weeks of 8's a week at 10, then 12, then 8 then race.
Kristina Brooke said…
What a great run! So proud of you! Good luck this weekend!
Barbara said…
Congratulations on this fabulous achievement!! I think you are gonna be beyond ready for your half marathon =).
Miz said…
curious what you think.
I ran the half w/out water bottles...using the stations.
Kirsten said…
I love my hydration belt. I have a 2-bottle Nathan brand one. My other no-fail, anti-dry-mouth thing is I run with gum. I chew it for the first mile or so and then tuck it in my cheek. It keeps me salivating and without that horrible dry, sticky mouth feeling.

Congrats on your 8-miler and go get that 10-miler!
Puanani503 said…
You're so awesome! I love reading your updates. I was always wondering how they make it if they get thirsty..now I know:)
Execumama said…
Dude, I'm sending like 22 hi-fives to you for this one! That sounds so insanely difficult to me - LOL! Congratulations on completing e-i-g-h-t miles, Renee! Seriously, I may just have to see if I can run one straight mile again tomorrow :) #YouInspireMe

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