Tuesday Confessional

I confess. Being injured has made me lazy! Although I am unable to run I am cleared to do other things - like strength training but I haven't done it. Hopefully I will get my butt in gear, especially since my new bikini just arrived in the mail!


Christy M. said…
I need a real kick in the butt right now, too. Maybe I should do a True Confessions video so I can get it all off my chest. Since my race, it's been so hard to run. We've been traveling, my son is home from school, and the days are so busy. Of course, like you, I could do other things besides running, but I want to run because I love it! I need to stop making excuses and just do it!

I hope and pray your MRI comes back all clear! You should check with Lisa because she's been going to a sports chiro for her hips issues, and he's given her some really good strength and stretching moves to help get her hips in shape!

Mommy Mo said…
Renee, I feel like you are me, with those darn hip issues. I had an MRI back in April for one hip- no fracture (thank goodness), got a cortisone shot which did the trick. Then, one month later, the other hip gave out and here we sit today. As Christy mentioned, I have started seeing a sports chiropractor that came at the recommendation of several runner friends of mine. I have only seen him twice BUT I ran today, for the FIRST time since May 1st. If you want to know more, you can read the last 2-3 posts on my SJ blog or you can email me directly. Good luck- you look fabulous!
Anonymous said…
You look great! I hope the MRI comes back with answers and you get it all fixed up soon!!
Kim said…
I am joining in the hoping for a clear MRI! I am doing my first c25k & am horrible about not doing anything but our daily .5mile dog walk on the down days :(
Sheliza said…
I have a confession. I can't be around my family. I eat too much foolishness, way too much. It is making me crazy. I went out last night and bought carrots, celery, lettuce leaves, lemons (to make water taste less watery) and some organic fiber cereal crap. I need a serious kick in the pants to stop my crazy eating on the weekends!! Good luck on your MRI and please keep us updated!! You are looking good as always :)
You are SUCH an inspiration. LOL Every time I watch one of your videos, I get my lazy behind up and get on the ab machine. haha :) Thanks for looking OUTSTANDING - you make me want to SOOOO badly get back to my "between baby #3 and baby #4 weight" LOL Baby #4 and baby #5 killed it. But more than just WANTING it, you make me realize that I can actually LOOK that way again. If you can do it, I can do it! Now, I just have to MOVE haha
BTW: good luck on getting back into your groove and I hope your MRI comes back looking good!!!
Allison M. said…
although i'm not injured, running used to be my exercise of choice. after the 1/2 marathon, i was so sick of running, i haven't run since. It's quite pathetic. I know I need to get back into it because I wanted to run a 10 miler in late August.

Can you say heatwave?

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