Run Like A Mother!

As my journey to becoming a runner progresses, I am constantly on a journey to find like-minded individuals. At my first 5k race in May I was drawn to a group of women wearing Iron Mommies gear. These women trained together regularly for events ranging from 5Ks to full marathons and triathalons! A group of women like me, balancing motherhood and all of the responsibilities attached to it AND staying healthy and fit! I’ve joined the Iron  Mommies but sadly they meet 40 minutes away from me so our interaction has been on facebook but I still love it! I hear about upcoming races, get support and recommendations from Paige, a very active Iron Mommy. 

Paige has been supportive of my desire to run and knows that I am dealing with an injury. She found some hip strengthening exercises posted on YouTube by one of the writers of Run Like a Mother and also recommended the book. She read it while recovering from an injury and thought I might like it.
Well, after reading the synopsis on Amazon, I immediately purchased the book and began reading it on my iPad. Reading this book by Dimity and Sarah is like speaking to my best girlfriends- if like me they were into running. The book is written in a conversational manner and I feel like I’m part of a special sisterhood when they discuss training for the Nike Women’s Marathon (the race I’m currently training for).

This book provides advice for both novice and extremely seasoned runners. Sarah is the competitive one and is constantly on a quest to beat her own personal records in racing. Dimity is all about finishing. Although I am not an elite athlete like Sarah, I do see glimpses of myself in both women. I highly recommend this book for any mother that is currently a runner or has debated being a runner. In addition to the voices of Dimity and Sarah, voices of readers are interspersed in the book - I am assuming these women are fans of the D& S’s blog of the same name. 

I’ve been reading this book for the past week and a half, savoring it like a fine wine because I don’t want it to end. I hope that they book tour comes to Atlanta so I can meet these lovely ladies and run a 5tK with them (yes, they do a 5k and then have a reading)! Even if they don’t make it here, I love knowing that I can interact with them on their facebook page and blog

Run Like A Mother - if you are a mom and a runner, wogger, jogger, you must get this book! 


dcyrill said…
I will definitely have to get the book to continue my running inspiration. :)
Mommy Mo said…
I have this book and love it! It's funny (not really), but I started reading it when I got my hip injury, too. Good luck Renee! I'm getting together with Christy next week and I will have her videotape me doing my hip exercises for you.
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