Project Mom Casting

When asked about my guilty pleasures, I have to admit that I am a reality tv addict. Survivor, Real Housewives and too many others to mention. I heard it on the grapevine that a television production crew will be on-site at BlogHer looking for moms to feature in a new reality series. I have to admit that I enjoy being in front of the camera, think I've had a fascinating life (if I may say so myself, LOL) and feel I have a lot to offer.

Of course, I missed the little tidbit about the casting video and blog post deadline being today. I've been focused on my fundraising for the Nike Women's Half-Marathon all day, this weekend I spent with my family and literally just heard about the deadline ten minutes ago.

In my video I tried to tell my story in a minute - whew! I'm long-winded ya'll so I am talking a mile a minute but I think I was successful. In a nutshell, I waited until I was advanced maternal age to get married AND have a baby but as a result of waiting I've had a wonderful career in the field of HIV/AIDS - both domestically and abroad. I spent over two years in South Africa working for a consulting firm on this issue and here in the States I worked to empower women with HIV/AIDS, advocated for funding on the city, state and federal level for New York and most recently was the State AIDS Director for Georgia.

Becoming a mother changed my life dramatically, I chose to focus on raising my son, leaving my career but still ensuring that my work influenced the lives of others. I was an early childhood literacy consultant which gave me a very flexible schedule and I started a diaper cake business to focus on my creative side. My blog started as a way to promote my business but soon became my creative outlet.

Two years later I am blogging, speaking and loving all things social media. For the past six months or so I've shared my journey of losing close to 50 pounds here. It keeps me honest and I hope it inspires others to live a healthy life too.

And that, is my story. I am a multi-faceted woman, a mother, and a friend on the journey to healthy living. I think sharing my story on a reality series would be interesting and fun!


Ilina said…
Busy *and* healthy! Now you're talkin'. You are an inspiration indeed, Renee.
Kathleen said…
I think you'd make a great reality TV star. You have such an upbeat personality and so much to share with the world.
Danielle Smith said…
Fantastic Renee! You inspire me!
Bari said…
Great job on your video, Renee! I hope they pick you for an audition. I'd love to see you on TV-you'd be great :)
anymommy said…
You have an incredible story. Wish you much interview luck, I'd watch you!

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