Free Books!

I'm coming up for air to quickly mention this - I have been reading exclusively on my iPad since I've had it. I love to read, I mean when I get into a series I want to finish it immediately. Twilight, The Sookie Stackhouse Series, The Hunger Games, The Fever Series, I could go on and on, I love to read. In the past I didn't read as much because going to the bookstore or even ordering books online was a bit of a hassle.

With my iPad I've downloaded various e-reader apps (and it comes with Applereader) so that I can get a quick fix. This week I read Pride and Prejudice - it was free! I've finally read that classic and am now chomping at the bit to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Yes, I am a fan of fantasy, supernatural, etc.

Anyhow, one of the great benefits of having an e-reader are the books that are available for free or at greatly discounted prices. It is a great tactic for series because the first book will be free and then you want to read the rest! Anyhow, I just wanted to share with you that Borders bookstore has just launched an ebook store and have five top-selling books for free this weekend. The books include Jillian Michaels - "Master Your Metabolism", Dean Koontz's "Frankenstein:Prodigal Son," "One Shot" by Lee Child, "the Alchemyst" by Michael Scott and Julia Child's "Kitchen Wisdom." You can bet I've downloaded the app and the books already!

You don't need an iPad, if you have a Blackberry, iPhone or Android you can download the Borders ebook app too! Happy Reading!


Stela James said…
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Bari said…
Thanks for the tip, Renee! Gonna go check out that app and download some books, although reading them on my iPod might result in the need for bifocals before too much longer :)
CarolinaMama said…
Awesome Renee! I want to check this out for my iPhone! Thanks!
Naomi said…
I downloaded the app but I only see those titles for sale, not free... is there a special link?
Justice Jonesie said…
I am a big reader but always get my books from the library. As much as I read I would be broke! I had no idea you could get free books if you have an e-reader! Thanks for sharing, I may have to invest!
Stela James said…
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