Delights of the Garden

In the past I've mentioned that I don't have a green thumb. However, in May when my mom visited we planted a garden. I got some exercise and Mekhi had a first hand look at the cycle of life. Initially I had one tomato in the garden that didn't fare very well, somehow it  rotted while on the vine. I assume that a bug (or bugs) got to it. I didn't see anything else out there and to be honest, I pretty much abide by the concept of live and let live, watering the garden when it occurs to me and that is about it.

Yesterday I went out to give the garden some attention and noticed an overgrowth of weeds (which is pitiful considering my garden is only about 6 square feet) but I also saw five green tomatoes! It was way to hot to week yesterday so I didn't see if anything else sprouted but today I weeded and was pleasantly surprised to find green beans!

Yup, the green beans in the photo are  my garden!  And although not enough beans for a meal, I tasted one and it was delicious. I'm proud of my little garden! Next year we will plant a larger garden and be more serious but I'd say that this experience was a success!

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Sarah Pinnix said…
Yay! I love gardening! We have gotten 4 squash and 3 cucumbers so far, but I can't wait till my green beans come in!We have 4 rows! We'll be canning like crazy if they turn out well.
YUMMama said…
I planted a garden too. And I'm sad to report that my squash and watermelons didn't make it. My tomato vines are looking nice, but still no sign of any tomatoes sprouting on it. Luckily we've been having tons of rain and I haven't been required to water them.
Becky Jane said…
I used to have a Ziggy cartoon strip that sounds similar to your story...he's walking through a jungle of weeds taller than he is and comes upon a small corn stalk about 3" high...the caption reads 'All in all, I think my garden is doing better than last year!' :)

Thanks, Becky Jane
Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!
Kathleen said…
That's wonderful! SO glad those tomatoes didn't give up on you. :)

Our garden is doing ok, it's also a small one but we have tons of green tomatoes that I'm just impatiently waiting to ripen.
Nikki said…
There are some helpful garden planner worksheets, to help you keep track of what and when you planted. I found out thru the cookbook and the author has a website with free forms, its,go to forms. I hope this helps and good luck on planting next year.

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