11 Weeks

11 weeks is one week shy of the completion of the first trimester of pregnancy. No, I’m not pregnant but I do remember that time vividly. I only told a very select group of people that I was pregnant prior to the end of my first trimester. I wanted to be sure everything was okay before sharing my news and because of a loss of a prior pregnancy, I wasn’t taking any chances by spreading the news too soon.

11 weeks is significant for another reason right now. I have 11 weeks left to prepare for the Nike Women’s half-marathon in San Francisco on October 17th. Unilike my pregnancy, EVERYONE knows I am training for the race of my life. I am also fundraising with a goal of raising $4000 for the Leukemia Lymphomia Society, 75% of which will go directly to programs and services. The other 25% is admin costs that include my travel, race fees, lodging for the event.

I admit I am shaking in my proverbial boots because I’m still nursing a sore hip and I am oh so close but not quite at the halfway point of my fundraising.   On August 6th I have to recommit and officially declare that I am going to be prepared physically for my race and I will meet my fundraising goal.

I indeed plan on signing the papers and recommitting next Friday. I’ve had amazing support from so many people for my efforts and I thank everyone that has donated, written posts about my efforts, let me use their home for fundraising, THANK YOU!

As Pastor Shaun said on Sunday I’m going to continue to “Go” - I will tell everyone about what I am doing, I will ask people I know and people I don’t know for donations and I will always remember even in my worst pain during training, it is nothing compared to what Ja’Naya and so many others that have battled cancer go through.

Tonight I am hosting a Ladies Night In* with some friends of mine-from college, my neighborhood, former co-workers, all people that have touched my life - in real life before connecting online. I think it is important to reconnect in person and in this digital age it is so easy to get caught up with facebook, email, twitter and not physically share space with friends. Of course I put a twist on it and will be accepting donations for my cause. 

We will have cocktails, conversations and cupcakes. My old friends can meet some of my new friends and we will have a nice relaxing evening after a hectic week. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and post about it here of course. I’ll also let you know how the fundraising goes - a big thank you to Felicia, Beverly, Dana, Dawn and Calinda who have already generously donated!

*I was contacted by M80 public relations on behalf of Diego/TGIF Ready to serve cocktails and my party is being sponsored by them. If you’d like some ideas for a girl’s night in and a $5 coupon visit this website.


congrats to you on staying so focus on the race and raising money for a good cause..i wish you all the best.. .i can totally relate to the pregnancy analogy.. i'm actually 4 months pregnant now.. i'll definitely donate..

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